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Here’s What’s New With YAPI!

by | May 10, 2018 | Product Updates

YAPI was born in a dental practice right here in Southern California in 2011. Unlike many other software companies that cater to all kinds of businesses, we have always been solely focused on helping dental practices succeed.

As YAPI celebrates its 7th birthday on April 29th, we would like to express our gratitude to you and all our customers for choosing YAPI! We are motivated by the thousands of dental teams who are succeeding with YAPI and we are working to expedite the release of some very exciting updates later this year! We still have much to celebrate and share with you, please keep reading for our ‘7’ key highlights…


#1. Update to InstaReview

InstaReview has been updated and is in compliance with Google’s revised Terms of Service. We have a helpful article on this update on our blog here. This update will occur for you automatically by the end of the week if you are using InstaReview; no support sessions necessary!

InstaReview YAPI


#2. Behind The Smiles

Speaking of our blog, we recently began publishing our human interest series Behind The Smiles, which follows the unique stories of thought-leaders, dentists, and some other names you may know. Our upcoming entry is very special as it is a video podcast featuring YAPI Co-Founder Dr. Gina Dorfman and Dentaltown Founder Dr. Howard Farran! Check out this series here: Behind The Smiles

#3. Sneak Peak: Enhanced Email Templates

Coming in just a few weeks! This new sleek layout for all emails powered by YAPI will encourage more social engagement with patients and provide you with more control and options for action buttons, colors, exclusive artwork, sharing on social media, advertisements, and your Google map location. Our marketing team is in the process of creating more ready-to-use email blast templates for seasonal recall, health/product-related articles, and dental newsletters to distribute to your patients! See an example by clicking here.


#4. Phone Assistant

‘See’ the difference in your phone calls! YAPI can immediately match any inbound call to an established patient from your practice management software. An intuitive pop-up window will appear on designated YAPI desktop workstations to show you accurate patient information, previous/next appointment dates, outstanding balances, recall past due, and allows you to toggle between multiple family members. Your first 3 months are on us!

Integration available for customers with VoIP provider RingCentral or for traditional analog/landline phone system with purchase of a Caller ID Box through YAPI.

Please email sales@yapicentral.com if you’re interested in getting started!


#5. We Have Puppies!

We hope to see you at a dental meeting near you so you can grab a YAPI puppy (doubles as an effective iPad screen cleaner!) Come say hi at our booth if you plan to attend any these upcoming meetings:


#6. “Alexa, Tell YAPI…”

Voice commands continue to become more common as a way to initiate or expedite tasks. Our Alexa Skill is available for all YAPI plans so you can keep the gloves on and continue to provide the best patient care while requesting assistance. Read more on our knowledge base here.

#7. Eco-Friendly Facts!

YAPI process over 80,000 iPad Documents each day nationwide.
YAPI processes over 4,000 online documents each day nationwide.
One Tree can produce 8,000 pages / 16 reams of paper.
The average size document is 3 pages.
Using YAPI we save ~30 trees a day.
A healthy forest has 40-60 trees per acre. That’s an acre of forest saved every 1-2 days!


Warm Regards,

Your YAPI Team