Online Dental Appointment Scheduling

Let new and existing patients book directly onto your schedule, following the same rules your staff uses to screen new patients and manage operatories, providers, and appointment types. Save your staff time on the phone and give your patients a convenient experience.

Easy to use for patients and staff

Getting new and existing patients to book online shouldn’t be stressful. Dental practices love our online appointment scheduling system due to its ease of use and personalized appointment settings.

What our clients are saying

Yapi’s online scheduling platform eased our transition from being a start-up dental office to becoming a full-fledged practice. By allowing our patients convenient scheduling options by booking online, my small staff now has more time to focus on those patients who need person-to-person interaction.

Miriam Carmean, DDS
Carmean Family Dentistry

Here’s why Yapi Online Scheduling stands out!

Prequalify any new patient

Ensure new patient appointments are qualified by setting your own rules for who is able to book online — other patients will be prompted to call.

Book appointments 24/7

Keep your calendar full, reduce no-shows and fill last-minute openings. Patients can quickly and easily book appointments at their own convenience, even when your office is closed or the phones are busy.

Easily collect patient insurance

Patients can be prompted to enter insurance information (including photos) before finalizing the appointment, so your staff doesn’t have to chase patients after the fact.

Detect existing patients

Patients can indicate they are a returning patient with via email or mobile number verification, and Yapi will auto-detect any existing patient data for accuracy during the booking process

Easy and automated dental recall scheduling

Easily follow up with your unscheduled recall patients as Yapi sends automated texts and emails with personalized scheduling links. Our system pre-populates existing patient data along with their recall due date, so they can verify their identity and book their next hygiene appointment in seconds!

Full control over what you display and offer

You have full control over what your patients see, select, and schedule. Adjusting the number of open appointments, appointment types, and providers available are all customizable. Your office’s appointment book and Yapi’s online patient booking system sync with each other in real-time so you can trust that availability is always accurate.

Frequently asked questions


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If a patient books online, won't they have a high no-show rate?

Many dental practice owners and staff have adopted the fear that patients who come from an online booking platform are more likely to no-show.

Recent studies have debunked this theory and have even proved that patients who come from online bookings are more qualified and less likely to no-show or cancel at the last minute.

A 2019 study conducted by the Journal of Medical Systems found that practices using an online booking system saw, on average, their no-show rates plummet from 25% to 11%!

To learn more about this insightful data, check out our blog article listed below: 

Scared of Online Appointment Bookings? Read This

What if we don't have many schedule openings? What will patients think?

Don’t be too concerned about the fact that, on occasion, your schedule could be sparse, and patients will see that when booking online.

Patients typically do not look too far in advance when booking an appointment. Studies show that 40% of all appointments made online are for the same or the following day.

Regardless, if your office wants to control what your patients see, a system like Yapi Online Scheduling will give you the tools to customize how your appointment book is presented to any patient who books online and how far in advance you allow bookings.

Scroll up on this page to learn more about our intuitive booking system or book a demo now to speak with a sales agent for more information!

We might not take a patient's insurance. If they book online, won't that be a waste of time?

Nothing would be more frustrating for a patient than booking an appointment online, only to find that you don’t take their insurance at the end of the process.

Sadly, this is where many dental online booking systems falter. Many don’t consider the importance of verifying a patient’s insurance before the booking process.

This is where Yapi Online Scheduling stands out. If you choose, our online scheduling software can require patients to provide accepted insurance before finalizing their appointment, delivering a better experience for patients and staff.

To learn more about insurance verification with dental online scheduling, read the following article:

Improve Dental Insurance Verification With Online Scheduling

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