Dental Office Patient Flow Management

From check-in to check-out, keep track of your patients’ journey through your office, with handy info from your practice management software consolidated into a single dashboard view.

Track and monitor your dental patients from one place

Instead of navigating through endless systems, Yapi pairs all crucial practice and patient data into an interactive dashboard, giving your team members a bird’s eye view of the practice. Keep tabs on patients while creating a seamless experience.

What our clients are saying

Yapi is a fantastic software that gives me and my practice the flexibility to control many options. Yapi is continuously adding new features from which both staff and patients benefit.

Frank Michitti, DDS
Lifetime Dental of Agawam

Everything you need in one place.

Real-time notifications

In real-time from any computer in the office, you’ll know who’s checking in, who’s ready to be seated, and who is ready for treatment. All of this helpful information displays in the form of pop-up messages.

Detect missing information

Our dental dashboard will notify you of any patients who have missing contact information. Your team will be prompted to collect any missing emails and phone numbers, helping your office stay in touch with all patients.

Continuous care alerts

Your team will be notified through the dental dashboard of any patients who are due or past due for hygiene checks. You will be able to easily fill in your schedule, all while keeping your patients current with routine schedules.

Medical alerts

Your dental dashboard will promptly notify your clinical and administrative team about any medical conditions a patient has in addition to allergies and current medications.

Get the right information in real-time

Your team can be notified from any office computer regarding who’s checking in, who’s ready to be seated, and who is ready for treatment. Patient alerts in the form of icons are intuitively displayed next to each patient’s avatar, alerting team members about important medical alerts, family file information, and appointment history. Custom alerts can also be created, allowing your office to seamlessly transfer real-time information about your patients from the front to the back office.

Speed up patient checkouts with a digital routing slip

Instead of deciphering handwriting and manually entering data, clinical team members can update custom checkout notes digitally by indicating completed procedures and leaving specific notes about the patient’s next visit. All of this information is then relayed to the front office with just a click of a button.


Frequently asked questions


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I thought my data was already centralized in my PMS? Is it not?

Your practice management software contains a wealth of information. Your PMS excels when it comes to storing patient data, your appointment book, and practice metrics. Things get clunky when it comes to navigating and accessing that data, especially in the presence of a dental patient.

Instead of having multiple tabs continually open during one patient visit, Yapi takes the wealth of information your PMS already has stored and compiles it into one single screen view – with additional prompts and highlighted actionable information.

That way, more time can be focused on each patient, and the information you need is easily accessible instead of costing you valuable time to go hunting through multiple tabs and digital charts.

To learn more about this, read our blog article linked below:

Visual Cues: Ensure A Better Experience For Your Dental Patients

What if a patient can see my screen? Will information be compromised?

If your practice has certain areas in the office where patients can see computer screens, that information can be privatized in Yapi. From privacy shields to hiding patient information such as names and medical history, Yapi takes all measures and provides the tools you need to be HIPAA Compliant.

Can I customize my dental dashboard to fit the size and needs of my office?

Absolutely. We know that no two dental practices are alike. That’s why with the Yapi dashboard and patient tracking system, you are paired with a wide range of customization options. From customizing check-in and check-out to displaying and naming your operatories, creating a birds-eye blueprint of your practice is an easy and intuitive task.

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