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What is YAPI? A Video Explainer in Less Than 5 Minutes

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Product Updates

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Other healthcare automation and productivity software is one size fits all, but YAPI is uniquely focused on dental. Created from scratch in a California dental office, by practicing dentist and CEO, Dr. Gina Dorfman, YAPI is designed to make both your patients and your staff happy, automatically.


YAPI Solves Common Dental Office Problems

YAPI helps solve age-old problems like last minute patient cancellations, late arrivals, and wasting time on data entry, or printing, scanning and shredding. Not to mention reducing the number of steps you need to get in to complete your loops just  to see, “Is my patient ready?” 

We also solve new-age problems, like strengthening your reputation online with more authentic patient reviews, enabling the convenience of online appointment scheduling while using your own rules and requirements, and staying connected securely with real-time practice data while you’re away from the office. And some of the trends that have stuck around like curbside check-in or wellness screening forms are all made possible by YAPI.

You’ve heard the motto, work smarter, not harder. Our products integrate with your existing practice management software, and YAPI syncs with your database every few seconds for features like zero-click document sync for in-office forms. Customize your forms to be uniquely yours. Did we mention our mobile-friendly online dental forms? Patient registration is a breeze with our automated new patient welcome sequence. And never miss a message from a patient either, since our two-way texting on your desktop provides instant notifications to have a conversation in real time.


No shows and cancellations? Incoming, automation! 

Send and receive text and email appointment reminders automatically on a timeline that works for you. A patient’s single click or reply instantly changes the status in your system to ‘appointment confirmed’. YAPI’s real-time sync allows you to have the most accurate and reliable dental appointment reminder service. You can also reach the most ideal patients en masse, to fill last-minute openings quicker than ever before by targeting your past-due hygiene patients who meet the criteria, or be the hero and get in an ASAP patient, well, ASAP.


Speaking of patients, here’s just a few reasons why patients love offices that use YAPI:

  • No more wasted time in the reception area with clunky clipboards. New patients can complete everything from their own device ahead of time so they can be seated immediately.
  • In-office, everything is electronic, and forms can even be presented and signed anywhere, even chairside, for the best experience. Digital forms that pre-fill with existing information provide the extra convenience to make patients feel more comfortable and confident that their dental office’s technology is state of the art. Whether it’s a health history update, informed consent for treatment, or even a treatment plan estimate, every form can be presented to a patient using an iPad in-office that automatically imports a PDF and any updated patient data back to their record.
  • Treatment stays on time since their dental team has instant communication with ‘text on summon’ or desktop notifications to track patient readiness. Staff can even send and receive direct intra-office chat messages to address concerns quickly.


  • Patient alerts are visible within YAPI, whether it’s a medical condition, allergy, or specific preferences like “no fluoride” they’ll stay tagged to that patient every visit or just for today. They’re not just a number.


Dental Phone Integration? We have that too!

But speaking numbers, patients love offices that use our dental office phone integration, because the front office makes every phone call more personal without any awkwardness like asking how to spell a name.

As visits wrap up, patients appreciate the smoothest handoff possible. A private chairside conversation does not have to be repeated in front of others since the hygienist or assistant can smoothly and discretely pass information along to the dentist and treatment coordinator. It’s all in the digital routing slip, trackable by YAPI. Everyone’s on the same page, and nothing falls through the cracks.

The end of the appointment isn’t the end of a patient experience. Offices using YAPI can track patients who should receive a post-op call and make sure they contact the patient on time. If a patient left in haste without scheduling their next preventive treatment, our smart scheduling recall reminders will allow them to self-book with no room for errors, and an outstanding balance can be taken care of quickly with a link via text.

Happy patients leave 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review sites. We help with that too.

The way dental offices prioritize their patients, YAPI prioritizes customers with all training and support included, monthly rates with no contracts, and a drive to deliver more technology to help you do more, and provide the best patient experience possible every single day.


If you’re curious to learn more about how each of our features work with your system, book your free demo today.