Automated Dental Online Reviews

Our dental reputation management system helps your practice to grow organically through the power of automated online review requests. Dental offices that use Yapi, see a substantial increase in the quality and quantity of their reviews across Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades.

Gain more positive online dental reviews

Yapi generates authentic online dental reviews by sending your satisfied patients an automatic review request via text. This request sends patients to popular review sites of your choice, prompting them to share their positive experiences online.

What our clients are saying

The review request feature has truly increased our reviews! We love being able to text and reply to patients instead of them constantly calling and having the new patient paperwork sent out and received back through Yapi. hank you Yapi, don’t know what we would do without you and your helpful people.

Janet Kaiser
Practice Manager at Arlington Endodontics

Yapi will make your reviews shine. 

Select your review sites

Do you have a handful of review sites you’d like to gain more trust and credibility on? Yapi provides you with the ability to direct your patients to a number of popular review sites of your choice.

Automatic notifications

Want to be in the know at all times if a patient ever relays any negative feedback? Yapi allows you to enter your email or mobile number to get alerted when anything needs to be addressed.

Customizable settings

You have complete control over who receives a review request, when they receive it, and what your message says, giving you room for extra personalization. You can even opt out specific patients as-needed.

Target patients with Google accounts

Are you focused on growing your Google My Business listing? If so, Yapi lets you filter all patients with a Gmail account to receive a review request specifically for Google only.

Boost your word-of-mouth marketing, organically

Studies indicate that patients trust online reviews as much as personal referrals. Your satisfied patients can help you boost your practice’s search engine credibility, social media following, and online reputation.

Encourage negative patient feedback privately

Yapi’s automated messages encourage patients to provide any negative feedback directly back to the practice. Providers and staff members can be alerted via phone or email anytime a message is received, allowing for timely outreach to correct any issues.


Frequently asked questions


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How do I get more Google reviews for my dental practice?

Growing your presence on Google My Business is a smart objective and one that every dental practice owner should strive for. However, not all patients are familiar with how Google My Business Works, and most patients will not feel obligated to review you online, even if they had a positive experience with your office.

Building up reviews on Google takes time and patience, but you can expedite the process with help from systems such as Yapi. Scroll up to learn more about intuitive online review generation software.

How do I ask my dental patients for online reviews?

The biggest hurdle many dentists and teams face when collecting more five-star reviews is how to ask for them.

We always recommend tapping into your loyal patient base. Asking your happiest patients to review you online is your best recipe for success.

With the aid of Yapi, your office can send automated yet personalized review requests via text, prompting these happy patients to select their favorite online review platform so they can review your business online.

Check out the blog article linked below for tips and tricks on verbal skills combined with automation.

How to Ask Dental Patients For Reviews

Will negative online reviews hurt my reputation?

Not all negative patient reviews are bad news! Negative feedback can help unveil potential problems in your practice that need to be corrected. Plus, an occasional unhappy reviewer will make the rest of your glowing reviews more authentic.

We strongly suggest reading this hyperlinked article to learn more about how to deal with an occasional negative review.

You’ve Got a Negative Online Review in Your Dental Practice!? What Should You Do?

Do dentists need SEO?

By default, search engines such as Google favor websites with many reviews, which adds credibility and trust. By leveraging a platform such as Yapi for online review generation, garnering more organic reviews can dramatically improve your practice’s search visibility, potentially saving time and effort on other marketing tactics.

Want to learn more about how Yapi helps you to improve your search engine credibility organically? Check out the article linked below.

Improve Your Online Visibility and Attract More Dental Patients

Don’t snooze on your reviews. Grow online with Yapi.