Why Dentists Love YAPI

YAPI helps to reduce paper and save time! I was concerned whether YAPI would integrate with Open Dental as well as advertised. We found that it integrates very well. We are so happy with many features: the ability to complete patients forms on an iPad and push them through to Open Dental via YAPI; the ability to two-way text between workstations; the KPI overview and the ability to identify if a patient is “ready” for the doctor.

The Appointment Confirmation system is hands-down better than DemandForce. We like the two-way/real-time texting and the communication log. Patients seem to respond and confirm much better with YAPI’s messaging than they ever did with DemandForce. We see a huge decrease in having to make reminder recalls!
Dr. Mark Maher

Walnut Creek Dentist

I used YAPI when I was working as an associate in large group practice. I loved how YAPI helped me stay on schedule and how it enhanced my communication with patients and staff. It was not until I bought my own practice that I became truly appreciative of everything that YAPI could do for my practice. As a big believer in the same-day dentistry concept, I rely on YAPI to help me navigate through my day and maximize every patient encounter. As a new practice owner who has to watch her overhead closely, I love the fact that I can rely on my software to do the work that would be normally delegated to a staff member. Give YAPI a try in your practice – I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Katherine Tsap

Westlake Family Dentistry

YAPI, by far outshines the competition with its simplicity and the tremendous value it brings to my practice. I was about to open a high tech practice and I was researching the use of iPads in a dental practice when I read a few references to YAPI on DentalTown. At first, I had some reservations because YAPI was only referenced in a few threads and there was little information available. I felt like YAPI was a gamble which I have come to realize has paid off handsomely.

After the initial training, I found out that I had no real idea just how powerful, easy and intuitive YAPI could be. I began exploring all the options with the software & realized what a steal of a deal YAPI is for my practice. The seamless integration with Open dental has truly made our practice paperless. Many offices claim to be paperless but are really just less paper. With YAPI, we have been able to orchestrate a truly paperless workflow.

The best feature of YAPI is the ability to setup a system of obtaining all of the necessary documents. I love being able to create paperwork packages which ensure that all necessary consent forms, medical history, dental history, HIPAA, consent for electronic communication, etc are accounted for prior to a New Patient appointment. My staff simply can’t forget a form! This feature helps me protect myself and my practice in ways that no other add-on software available can do.

I also love the Dental History form. I can scan it very quickly because YAPI changes color of the responses and I can quickly address patients’ concerns. Acceptance of treatment is much easier when you know what your patients want before you even meet them.

I love that YAPI provides a quick & thorough analysis of common practice metrics. I don’t have to create spreadsheets and print reports from my PMS to get all the metrics I need to track to measure how my practice is doing. With YAPI, I have the analysis I need in seconds. YAPI makes it too easy for me to run my practice and continue as a successful high tech practice owner.

Patients love the iPad integration. My staff loves being able to quickly transfer patient information into Open Dental without trying to read chicken-scratch writing on patient forms or scanning reams of paper each month.

Our practice is growing very quickly. I opened my startup with myself and 2 full time, cross-trained employees. Now, 10 months later, we grew to 5 employees and have been interviewing for an associate. Luckily, YAPI makes our daily tasks quick and efficient. YAPI saves us so much time due to the automation of appointment confirmations, digital signatures on treatment forms and consent forms along with all of the other daily minutia that staff really hate. In short, YAPI keeps my staff happy by continuing to make their jobs easy and productive which makes my job easy and productive.

YAPI has changed my perception of how a practice should be setup in the truly digital age. I look at my front desk area everyday and wish I knew about YAPI when I was designing my office. I would have completely redesigned the traditional front office area into a more streamlined design similar to a high end concierge station. I could have easily added an additional op for productive space instead of the large & unused front office area. We saw 108 NP in August 2014 and YAPI allowed us to quickly and efficiently process their paperwork. The efficiency of YAPI is a real game changer for the efficient modern dental practice.

Dr. Colin Lathrop

Lathrop Dental Center

There’s a lot to YAPI, so we found it best to start slowly by adding the components of the workflow one at a time. We started by switching from another company’s appointment reminder module to YAPI’s. This change was quick and easy. We found that the automated appointment reminders and confirmations save our staff 3-5 hours weekly.

Next, we began to use YAPI’s paperless solutions for our new patient’s paperwork and updates to existing patient’s medical history and personal information. Implementing these paperless forms was a no brainer, because it meant no more scanning and shredding forms or data entry of important patient information. We now also utilize YAPI to have patients sign treatment plans, which are then imported directly into our practice management software. We can even email treatment plans to our patients! YAPI’s paperless solutions took a little time for my staff to get used to, but we progressed right along.

Currently, we are incorporating the practice dashboard and intra-office communication system. These features streamline our patient flow from checking in patients, all the way through the process of checking them out.

We have taken advantage of the unlimited training offered by YAPI. This is not only to train new staff members, but also to ensure we are utilizing the software to its fullest capacity. Creating support tickets and scheduling appointments through the YAPI dashboard is very easy to do. No matter the question, the support team is great. They always follow-up with thorough emails outlining important tips and tricks.

Dr. Sanjini Shetty, DMD

Dental Designs of New England

I am very happy with my decision to go with YAPI! I went with YAPI from the beginning phase of my startup. Opening from scratch, we were going to be dealing with a lot all at once. I really wanted to make sure I was going with software that was easy to use. I also wanted to start out running the practice as close to paperless as possible. We signed up before we even had our office network finalized. We were able to get everything started as smoothly as possible with a lot of help from YAPI support.
They have great customer service and we had no problems getting things implemented as quickly as possible. YAPI is an easy software to use with great features and seamless integration into my practice manager software!
Dr. Robert Freitas

Brentwood General Dentist

I have worked with YAPI for the past seven years and literally DO NOT know how to operate around the office without it.

It simply makes the day flow a lot faster and easier being able to know exactly where all the patients, assistants and doctors are and what treatment is being done or who is needed where. It makes you appreciate how much time you are saving by not walking around the office to look for people and be able to communicate with your team members without leaving your operatory.

I can go on and on talking about many things I love about incorporating YAPI in our practice, but you won’t know until you interact with it first hand.

Thank you to all the developers who came up with such an amazing software that makes our lives just a bit easier day in and day out of our daily works.

Soha Soroosh, Registered Dental Hygienist

Dentistry For Kids & Adults

Many companies will charge an additional fee for support, but YAPI is all inclusive.

Six months after opening my pediatric dental office, I found that my schedule was becoming full, but patients were not always showing up. That’s when I contacted YAPI for a demonstration. With limited revenue and cash flow, finances were my biggest concern. Prior to enrolling into YAPI I struggled with the question, “Would the cost of YAPI be offset by an increase in patient encounters?” After the first month, I noticed a reduction in failed appointments and parents rescheduling with plenty of time for me to fill their vacated appointments.

The customer service provided by YAPI is outstanding. Many companies will charge an additional fee for support, but YAPI is all inclusive. Whenever I call YAPI, my concerns are typically addressed within a day. If they cannot be resolved the same day, the YAPI staff is sure to follow-up with my office to keep my staff updated. The team has addressed all my concerns and even has had developers work on a solution for my specific needs.

Beyond that, the staff and programmers at YAPI have worked with my office to adapt office specific custom forms for my medical history alerts in our Dentrix. Since implementing YAPI’s online new patient registration, I have seen an increase in efficiency in my office. In most practices, when a patient arrives for an appointment and ­­has to fill out paperwork it can take up to thirty minutes to complete. This puts stress on the office, staff, and the schedule. At my office, thanks to YAPI’s online forms, parents who complete paperwork online can simply walk in and have their child seen within a few minutes after arriving. I feel as though this sets my office apart; it allows my staff to focus on interacting with our patients.

Jarod W. Johnson, DDS

Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Arctic Dental, PLC

I really can’t say enough positive things about YAPI. When we signed up for YAPI we found that we can let go of several other systems because YAPI does so much for our practice. Their support is great: anything we need help with they are there for us.  We even made requests for some modifications to the system and they have made changes based on our feedback.  We have been using YAPI for just about a year and we couldn’t be happier.

Cherie Snowburg, Patient Care Coordinator

Stanley Dentistry

YAPI is the best technology investment in our practice. Prior to investing, I was concerned about how easy it would be to implement into my practice and how good YAPI would be at re-care reminders. I found the process to be extremely easy. YAPI was up and running in no time. The thorough walk through of the software showed us the full power of YAPI, including customizing it to to my practice’s needs.

Our practice uses YAPI’s recall manager, paperless health history, and intra-office communication system. The recall manager has been an excellent tool for my office, as people are always commenting on how much they appreciated the texts and emails sent by YAPI. The paperless health history has been great! Our patients utilize iPads and online paperwork to complete their form, and the importation of data into our practice management software has been flawless. YAPI has drastically improved our intra-office communication. Instead of using walkie-talkies, we are now able to send messages through YAPI that are identified by a unique sound. YAPI does so many things and everything it does, it does well.

Dr. Brett Carranza

Kearney Pediatric Dentistry

YAPI’s online forms have been HUGE! Prior to implementing YAPI, my biggest reservation was getting the entire team to buy into using the software consistently. I was also concerned that YAPI might be full of glitches and inefficient, especially since we were generally satisfied with our current system – Lighthouse 360. Instead, I found that implementing YAPI was very easy. All we had to do was provide YAPI’s technicians access to our server. From there, they handled the rest.

Currently, we use YAPI’s pop-up notifications, intraoffice communicator, and online forms. The online forms have had a major impact on our new patient appointment failure rates. During our initial new patient phone calls, we guide them to our website and ask them to fill out and submit their new patient forms. We have found that if a new patient submits their forms online the appointment failure rate is literally 0%. In addition to that, importing the data gathered by these forms into our Dentrix minimizes errors and frees up hundreds of hours per year for our team to work on more profitable tasks. Needless to say, since switching to YAPI we haven’t looked back.

Jake Skelton, Director Of Operations

Bachman Family Dentistry

As with anything else, getting new software can be intimidating. Those fears quickly dissipated because the support team installed YAPI with minimal effort from our practice and the integration was seamless since we had a scheduled training before going live.

After signing up, we noticed that the communication among our team improved instantly. We also saw an immediate improvement in our communication with patients: less time spent confirming patients and easier follow-up. I also find that our patients are amazed at health histories, treatment plans, and consent forms being on iPads. Paper charts can never go missing!

Thanks to YAPI’s InstaReview within a month of opening Clearwater Dentistry, we were able to obtain over 15 five-star Google reviews and nearly 10 five-star Facebook reviews! New patients are now finding their dentists online more than ever, and these reviews are very helpful in growing the practice!

YAPI is a practice management software on steroids. Instead of having several different practice management integrations, YAPI is a one stop shop at a very, very reasonable price. And their customer service is amazing – they have always answered any questions I’ve ever had quickly.

Dr. Joshua Wyatt

South Tampa Dentistry

Change is always hard, especially with a team with varying levels of computer proficiency. Naturally, I was concerned whether my team will adapt to the changes. In the end, we clearly saw the value of YAPI, came up with an integration plan and took the leap.

What we found is that the YAPI team is incredible to work with. Questions, problem-solving, troubleshooting, tips – they are super helpful and have made the transition as easy as possible.

YAPI does everything those “other guys” do, plus 10x more. It’s hard to put into just 1 or 2 sentences everything YAPI does for my practice.

What I love the most is the ability to see at a glance what is happening in the practice: which patients are where; which hygienists need checks; how long patients have been waiting; and what room I should be going to now and next. I also like that I can immediately see any alerts for overdue accounts, allergies, and other important notes.

Another great feature is their awesome recall/reactivation program that is the perfect mix of automation and personalization. If you are looking for an effective solution to get your patients back into the practice, give YAPI a try!

Dr. Michael Ling

Clarence Street Dental Group

We have been thrilled with everything we can do with YAPI! Before signing up I was concerned about getting everyone in the office trained to use YAPI, but with the online training and a little practice it turned out to be no problem at all. With YAPI, we now have patients fill out new patient paperwork online and have them sign any documents that need signatures on an iPad. We have reduced almost all of the scanning! I even have had patients comment about how efficient the office has become.

Holly Robinson, Treatment & Marketing Coordinator

Stutler Dental

Initially, I had reservations about the workflow of using the program because a lot of PMS can be pretty clunky and cumbersome. What I found is that YAPI is VERY robust with many useful features.

My personal favorite is the paperless informed consents. I believe in clear communication and documentation but hated having so many paper forms. YAPI streamlines the process beautifully.

Appointment reminders and the true two-way text has been huge for my front office team. The recall system has already paid for itself in getting folks who had slipped through the cracks back in.

Lastly, I love the morning huddle and the KPI trackers. It’s a great way to keep on top of the business side of things without spending a lot of time on it.

Overall, YAPI streamlines so much of our intra-office communication in the practice that it frees everyone to focus more on their job and the patients. I wish I would have used this from the get-go when I started my first office.

Matthew Standridge, DDS, FAGD

Yates Center Dental

My office has been very pleased with the software and service that YAPI gives.

My staff has embraced this technology with the help of outstanding service. We are currently using about 90% of the services YAPI offers. I find it very useful with our day to day office activity. In the next few months, we should be able to utilize all the functions. We have had nothing but good feedback from our patients about the ease to contact us, reminders, paperless registration and iPad utilization.

Shwetha Rodrigues, DDS and Staff

Chester Dental Care

In the past, we used walkie-talkies and spent half of our day saying, “Can you hear me now?!” We tried both dental and non-dental messenger systems, but without OpenDental integration, there was just too much typing and confusion. Luckily we found YAPI and it hits the spot!

I absolutely love YAPI, in fact, I am one of their earliest adopters. We do a lot of same dentistry, and it would have been impossible to achieve a flawless patient flow without YAPI.

Dr. Steven Polevoy

Gentle Touch Dentistry

I have had YAPI since I opened my practice about 2 years ago. Before that, I had practiced in a variety of capacities, including the Army, private practice and corporate dentistry. YAPI is one of those products that I feel I really could not run my practice without!!!!

The iPad forms and auto-populating my PM software is a time saver for my front desk staff. Intra-office communication is something we use all the time to talk on one end of the office to the other. Online Reviews have helped us garner about 30 reviews since it was started. And the customer service is top notch.

Dr. Melanie Gritz Bond

Parkland Pediatric Dentistry

When we first started our practice, one of our goals was to become a paperless office. When it came to intraoffice communication, appointment confirmations and online reviews, we thought we would have had to work with several companies, which would be very expensive. Being able to streamline it all into one program like YAPI makes the process much easier. Communication between our staff is so much more efficient. YAPI has so many features that can be customized to fit your office needs that the options are endless.

A typical day for us starts with our morning huddle where our notes are generated from YAPI. When our first patient arrives, they have already filled out all of their information at home using our online YAPI forms on our website. Our receptionist checks the patient in and takes their picture for our Open Dental software using the YAPI app on our iPad. Once a patient is seated in a treatment room, they are moved into that room on YAPI and everyone is alerted. When the procedure is completed, all of the notes are sent to the front desk through YAPI so they are prepared to check the patient out. We have actually had patients surprised that when they check out at the end of their appointment, our patient coordinator already knows all of the details of the treatment that was provided and what was discussed.

After the patient leaves, they receive text and e-mail reminders of their next scheduled appointment and are asked to leave reviews using the InstaReview feature about their experience. We have already received over 40 five-star Google reviews and over 30 five-star Facebook reviews in less than 10 months of using YAPI.

We have only scratched the surface of what YAPI can offer. All of this saves us time so we can focus on the patient experience. I highly recommend giving YAPI a try. After you start using it, your only regret will be why you didn’t sign up sooner.

Dr. Warren E. Woodruff

Caring Smiles Family Dentistry

When I heard about YAPI, I was already using Lighthouse 360. It had a lot of good features but didn’t have the intra-office communication aspect so I ended up switching to YAPI. What I found is that with YAPI, the office runs a lot more smoothly. I like the sound notifications so I can be more discreetly aware of what is happening in my other operatories while I’m still spinning the handpiece. I also like patient status notifications and how well YAPI integrates with Open Dental. Their appointment confirmation and the ability to text with patients are awesome. I like knowing that YAPI is constantly trying to better their product and I look forward to seeing even more capability!

Jonathon Nelson, DMD

Nelson Dentistry

We have been super happy with YAPI!

At first, I was thinking it was geared towards big offices but I am amazed how well it works in my 4 chair practice.
Intraoffice Communication: In the beginning, we had tried radios for our office communication but it did not work for us. YAPI, has been super easy to implement and my staff loves being able to communicate quickly and effectively, without patients noticing. Our patients think it is magical when they get walked up to the front and the front desk knows exactly what they need without anyone saying a word or looking through the chart. When patients catch a glimpse of their “cartoon” selves on the monitor they are super interested in what it is. Next step is hooking my Pebble watch up to receive notifications.
Forms: Works seamlessly with Eaglesoft 16. We have double hygiene so I got two iPads. We are not fully paperless, but YAPI is going to make our transition much smoother.
Recall: Seventeen patients booked the first week. We were already using another service prior to YAPI, I am not sure what the difference was, but our hygiene is now very full.
Texting: Patients seem obsessed with texting my front desk. We sent an email to patients with our new phone number to text message the front office and they have been constantly texting with patients since. In fact, YAPI just paid for itself for almost a year, we had this patient who had disappeared with a large balance suddenly they texted and paid off their balance. Overall we have been very pleased with the product and the training. I have nothing bad to say about the company we used before, but YAPI does way more for the same price.
Dr. Rachel Fine

The Glendale Dentist

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