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Experience seamless automation

Have you been struggling to find ways to be completely paperless in your dental office with your Eaglesoft software? Are you looking for more ways to add automation in your practice? Look no further! Add Yapi to Eaglesoft and watch your practice run like clockwork!

YAPI, automated paperless dental software, built to enhance the business side of dentistry.

The fastest syncing electronic forms for Eaglesoft users

Once you have Yapi synced to your Eaglesoft database, you’ll be able to create a completely paperless practice! Every form from new patient intake to health, medical history, and informed consents can be presented, filled, and signed electronically.

As soon as a patient completes and submits a form, Yapi goes straight to work with our Fast Import feature. In just a matter of a few seconds, Yapi will write and sync all collected patient data immediately into your Eaglesoft database! No data entry, no human error, and most importantly, real-time syncing. This feature alone makes Yapi the fastest syncing option on the market for Eaglesoft users!

Convenient prefilled forms for returning patients

Things will be a lot easier on your returning patients as well – once you’re completely paperless with Yapi! Not only will your existing patients have the ability to update their forms digitally, but quickly, as Yapi will conveniently prepopulate their Intake and Health History forms with their current chart info. This means no double work for you or the patient! All they’ll need to do is adjust what’s changed since their last visit and submit. Yapi even reads your customizable Eaglesoft Medical History, which means seamless syncing from start to finish.

Dental Patient Health History Information, 01
Dental Patient Digital Treatment Plan

No mobile kiosks – present and sync electronic treatment plans anywhere

You won’t be tied down by a stationary kiosk or signature pad with Yapi! Instead, you’ll be able to prepare, present, and sign all of your patient treatment plans conveniently from an iPad anywhere in your practice.

How does this work? You can quickly send any patient treatment plan you’d normally print directly to Yapi and within seconds it will be available on any office iPad. Once a patient views and signs a Treatment Plan, you can make notes, annotations, and sign it yourself. Once completed, you can send the documents back into Eaglesoft. From there, they’ll immediately import back into your SmartDoc folder.

Exchange and share patient data from Eaglesoft through discreet instant messaging

Reduce interruptions to patient care and provide better service with your very own built-in intra-office communication and instant messaging platform. Not only will you have the ability to communicate discreetly and privately between different workstations, Yapi will pull patient data directly from Eaglesoft and display it in one place – so you aren’t stuck clicking through multiple charts. From visual alerts to notifications on-screen of patient arrivals, you can keep all teammates on the same page!

Did you know? Unlike many of our competitors, Yapi pulls real-time actionable patient data directly from Eaglesoft – so you’ll have the most important data with Yapi in front of you, at all times!

Ready to make dentistry easier? Add Yapi to Eaglesoft today!

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