Seamlessly Automated

Add Yapi to Open Dental

Make your systems work smarter – not harder! Add Yapi to Open Dental and experience the power of seamless automation for your dental practice. Yapi offers a wide variety of patient technologies that sync directly to Open Dental, eliminating duplicate work and increasing productivity.

YAPI, automated paperless dental software, built to enhance the business side of dentistry.

From an iPad directly to your patient charts

Not only will your digital patient forms give your practice a modern makeover, but also sync all of your patients’ data directly to their chart in Open Dental.

Once a new patient of the practice completes their mobile-friendly digital forms from home or in-office via an iPad, Yapi will intuitively sync directly to Open Dental. From patient information to medical history – you can rest assured that no information will slip through the cracks.

Any existing patient of the practice can conveniently update any information on your iPad during their next visit. Any submitted changes in medical history, medications, or patient information will sync immediately to their existing chart.

Automatically confirm and update appointment status in real-time

Your Front Office will love using Yapi with Open Dental!

Not only does Yapi give your front desk the ability to send out automated appointment reminders via text and email, but will automatically adjust the status in your Open Dental appointment book. This happens immediately once a patient replies with “C” to confirm their appointment via text or with a click on the “Confirm Appointment” button in their email.

See actionable patient data from Open Dental in Yapi

Quickly and easily collect patient insurance information through our Yapi iPad app. Each patient can enter in the important insurance information your front office needs to know to streamline and automate the collection and verification process. Your team can also take a picture of the patient’s insurance card with the iPad and store the image in their digital chart.

Ready to make dentistry easier? Add Yapi to Open Dental today!