Enhance your phone system with

Yapi Dental Office Phone Integration

Get critical need-to-know information about your patients of record in one intuitive display. Yapi Phone Assistant pulls patient caller information into one window, allowing your team to reduce hold times and address outstanding tasks from one phone call.

YAPI, automated paperless dental software, built to enhance the business side of dentistry.

Reduce hold times

With Yapi Phone Assistant, your patients aren’t just a name in a database. At a glance, you’ll get all the essential patient information you’d typically go searching for in one view, allowing you to reduce hold times while providing a more personalized experience for your patients.

Book more appointments

If a patient of record calls that is attached to a family file, Yapi Phone Assistant will intuitively pull and display any family members past due for their next appointment. This allows your front office to be more efficient and book multiple appointments from one phone call.

Integrate with your VoIP

Yapi Phone Assistant integrates with popular dental VoIP providers such as Mango Voice and RingCentral, allowing you to add additional features to your phone system you already use and love. To learn more about a specific integration, please book a demo.

Ready to stop putting patients on hold? Get Yapi today!