Dental Intra Office Communication

Keep your office in sync with modern instant messaging tools to chat discreetly between team members, operatories, and workstations. Move on from passing notes, walkie-talkies, or antiquated paging systems

A better way to communicate with your team

Improve patient handoffs among your entire team with our built-in instant messaging platform. Our intra-office communication software helps your team create a smoother patient experience, decrease wait times, and improve daily production.

What our customers are saying

With Yapi, my office runs much smoother. With sound notifications enabled, I am more discreetly aware of what is happening in my other operatories, even while I’m still spinning the handpiece. I love knowing that Yapi is constantly developing new features, and I look forward to seeing even more capabilities in the future!

Jonathan Nelson, DMD
Nelson Dentistry

More reasons to love Yapi

Operatory alerts

Summon any provider or team member discreetly to any operatory with a simple message broadcast across each workstation computer, saving valuable time.

Quick messages

Customizable message templates let you send or respond to messages with a click, from any workstation.

Provider-colored messages

Identify provider-specific messages at a glance through color-coded pop-ups. Provider colors are pulled directly from the PMS.

Sound options

Customize different alert types with specific sounds, to help your staff identify priority messages.

Summon a provider from any device

Make the most of our dental office messaging system by pairing your smartwatch or smartphone with Yapi.

Instead of using walkie-talkies or light systems, Yapi allows your team to summon any provider from their preferred device, minimizing distractions and interruptions to patient care.

Create effective dental office morning huddles

Maximize daily productivity with Yapi’s automated morning huddle reports. See who’s on the schedule for the day, and efficiently review assigned to-dos and care calls.


Frequently asked questions


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We already have strong verbal communication in our practice; why change?

Strong verbal skills are essential for any dental practice. However, even if an office knows how to communicate with one another, they are not necessarily doing it efficiently. The goal of Yapi is to eliminate redundancies so team members can spend more time with their patients and less time walking back and forth between operatories.

An intra-office communication system such as Yapi will not replace your verbal communication skills; it will enhance them and allow your practice to adapt more to your patients. Instead of meeting in a hallway to discuss a patient handoff, everything in Yapi can be done with powerful instant messaging.

Still on the fence about an intra-office communication system? We suggest reading the following article:

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Can I benefit from dental office management tools even if our staff communicates well?

Smaller practices face one big problem — any discussion or communication made could be within earshot of the patient. These are still distractions, from hallway conversions to asking a provider in the neighboring operatory to come to the next room. They can disrupt a patient’s experience, no matter how small the practice is.

Discreet office messaging is the key to not only discussing patients’ matters privately amongst team members but it also provides your patients with a seamless experience by eliminating side conversations and easy-to-avoid distractions.

Do I have to be at a computer to get a message from Yapi’s software? Do I need a smartwatch?

With the nature of treating patients and frequent movement around operatories, providers are not limited to just a workstation computer to send and receive messages. Yapi considers full mobility and allows providers to access a personal smartwatch or smartphone to read and send messages.

To learn more about our smartwatch sumon capabilities, check out this article;

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