Coming Soon: View a detailed summary of benefits showing your patient’s insurance coverage and breakdowns all in one place.

Dental Insurance Verification Software

Effortlessly verify patient insurance eligibility with instant dental insurance verification software. Save time, enhance patient satisfaction, and streamline your practice’s operations with instant access to over 200+ insurance providers.

Verify a patient’s insurance benefits in one click.

Eliminate tedious portals and phone calls and check the eligibility status of your patient’s dental insurance with one click, which returns rapid results in Yapi Leap. Quickly see who is eligible and who needs extra attention due to expired or incorrect insurance provider details.

What our clients are saying

It’s amazing that patients don’t even have to call the office and they can book an appointment from a text or email. It saves so much time for the front desk. I think most patients would prefer to schedule online, rather than have to pick up the phone and call, so it’s a no brainer.

Dr. Jarod Johnson
Owner and Dentist at Arctic Dental

Why we stand out

Extensive Insurance Network

With partnerships across 200+ insurance companies, our software offers unparalleled access to verify coverage.

Real-Time Eligibility Checks

One click quickly verifies patient insurance status with intuitive icons.


Eliminate Errors

Easily see which patients have expired policies or data discrepancies that need to be addressed ahead of time.

Advanced Benefits Summaries

Receive detailed breakdowns of patient benefits, including deductibles, maximums, and coinsurance, with a deeper insight into patient coverage by ADA service codes.

The Easiest Way To Manage Your Day

Intuitive icons display on our schedule in Yapi Leap, indicating patient eligibility status at a glance, transforming how you manage your daily appointments. Patients on the schedule with a ‘green check’ show eligibility status and the last time it was checked, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with their coverage information.

Comprehensive Coverage Summaries

Coming Soon: Detailed Benefits Breakdowns

Get detailed patient eligibility and benefits reports featuring deductibles, their maximums, coinsurance, frequency limitations, and breakdowns of ADA service codes. Say goodbye to the manual hassle of multiple portals and hello to streamlined efficiency.

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Join the ranks of dental practices that are revolutionizing their insurance verification process. With our software, prepare your practice for a future where every patient encounter starts with confidence.

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