Automated Dental Appointment Reminders

All the text and email automation you need to remind, confirm, and communicate with patients is in one dental appointment reminder software. Reduce no-shows and stay connected with patients in real-time with a customizable recall system.

The right message at the right time

From welcome emails to same-day appointment reminders, Yapi covers every step of the patient lifecycle. Premedication reminders, save-the-dates, email campaigns, and past-due recall reminders help you create stronger relationships.

What our clients are saying

From recall reminders to sending newsletters, Yapi has been seamless to implement and a very low maintenance system. Thank you, Yapi team, for your hard work putting together such a great product!

Dr. Amy Copeland
Owner and Dentist at Copeland Family Dental

Here are more reasons to love Yapi!

Two-way texting

Patients can reply to any automated or personal text from your practice. Keep the conversation going right from your desktop or any web browser.

Text from Office Number

Set up your existing office phone number for texting in Yapi Leap so patients can receive reminders and engage in two-way texts from a number they already know and trust.

Message tracking

View more than a year of patient text message history and clearly see which team member from your dental practice replied.

Real-time notifications

See patient texts instantly pop up in real-time on your desktop computers so you never miss anything.

No-shows? No problem

Reduce your no-show rate with a reminder system that lets patients confirm how they want to. Keep top-of-mind with an automatic text a few hours before the upcoming appointment.

Patients with early morning visits receive this important reminder the prior day at a more optimal time.

Keep your recall on track

Consistency is key when it comes to recall. Yapi analyzes your practice management software daily to identify patients due or overdue for hygiene.

Automatically invite these patients to book their next hygiene visit, and improve your recall rate with convenient, self-scheduling links so it’s easy for them to book on their own.

Frequently asked questions


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What time of day should reminders be sent out to patients?

To maximize patient engagement, Yapi sends text and email reminders at 10 am, and any save-the-date messages are sent within an hour of scheduling a future visit. Premedicate reminders are delivered the day before the appointment. Check out this blog article below for more detail on creating an effective patient reminder system:

When are the Best Times to Send Dental Appointment Reminders?

How do I opt my dental patients out of email or text?

With Yapi, patients can immediately opt out of any text reminder simply by replying with “STOP.” All patient-facing emails contain a convenient “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom, putting your patients on an opt-out list when clicked.

Yapi takes privacy a step further by allowing your team to manually remove any patient from any communication type. That way, if a patient requests an opt-out verbally over the phone or in-office, their request can be immediately addressed.

What peak times of the year are optimal for additional outreach?

“From working with thousands of practices to automate recall, we have found that there are three optimal times each year to send additional reminders to encourage your patients to return to the office for an appointment. They are;

The end of July or the beginning of August for “Back to School” for pediatric practices.

September to mid-October to remind patients to take advantage of their dental insurance before the end of the year.

Early January to mid-February to promote New Year’s Resolutions.

To learn more about the best peak times of the year to send reminders, read our blog article listed below:

3 Peak Times to Send Dental Patient Reminders You Don’t Want to Miss

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