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New patient dental forms that are the best experience for everyone

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Dental Patient Forms

What are the Benefits of Sending Dental Appointment Reminders

The new patient intake process shapes the first impressions of your dental practice. Cumbersome paper forms full of redundancies that must be completed with a clipboard in the waiting room is an antiquated approach. In contrast, digital forms that are accessible on smartphones offer convenience and modernity from the very first interaction. This experience matters – digital forms reduce frustrations while conveying your commitment to patient-centered care.

The Drawbacks of Paper-Based New Patient Forms

The long, multi-page new patient form hasn’t changed in decades. These forms are not only tedious to complete, but they also lead to new patients rushing through complex documents in the waiting room, which can result in errors and missing information. Forgetting reading glasses or forms at home creates additional issues. Unlike digital forms, which can be formatted as needed, options to accommodate physical limitations are scarce with paper forms. And when patients arrive in time for their appointment but not in time for the paperwork, your whole practice can get backed up. Additionally, handing off these paper forms for manual data entry not only breeds inefficiency but can also compromise accuracy. Furthermore, instead of information being integrated, the patient data gets siloed. Moreover, the storage and retrieval of these physical forms consume significant resources and come with the risk of misfiling or damage. The very process of customization is also limited with paper forms, especially when compared to digital versions that can be tailored through logic-driven follow-up questions based on individual patient needs and previous responses.

How Digital Intake Improves Experiences

Thoughtfully designed digital forms certainly lead to a more positive patient experience. Completing forms online, well ahead of appointments and at the patient’s home, offers a convenience that stands in stark contrast to the cumbersome process of filling out paperwork with a clipboard in the waiting room, especially if they’re already running late. Collecting and maintaining patient information digitally introduces a number of benefits. The seamless integration of data not only eliminates the manual re-entry of each patient form data but also greatly improves accuracy and liberates valuable staff resources. Digital forms come equipped with features that enhance responsiveness and accessibility, such as text enlarging, ensuring a more inclusive experience for all patients. Another noteworthy advantage is the ability of these forms to employ logic-based survey flows. This presents patients with customized follow-up questions based on their previous responses, paving the way for a more efficient and tailored intake process. Added to this, the intuitive designs, clear navigation cues, and built-in validation mechanisms help patients complete forms with ease and reduced errors. The cherry on top? The peace of mind that comes from knowing these forms can integrate seamlessly and securely into HIPAA-compliant Practice Management Software (PMS), a security feature paper forms can’t provide.

Digital Forms Reflect Patient-First Values

Switching to digital for new patient dental forms tells the world that your practice embraces technologies that benefit patients. Eliminating waiting room clipboard struggles through online accessibility conveys your commitment to convenience and understanding busy lifestyles. Streamlining data flows reduces redundancy for more efficient visits. Most importantly, digitization helps collect accurate patient information to guide complete care aligned with their unique needs and health histories. For forward-thinking dental practices, digital new patient forms deliver the experience today’s patients expect.