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Dental Dashboard & KPI Reporting

Stop searching and clicking through your charts. Our dental dashboard gives your practice a bird’s eye view of your dental office. You’ll have everything you need to know about your patients, all in one place.

Easily Keep Track of Patients in The Practice

The YAPI Dental Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your office. At a glance, you’ll know patient’s readiness and priority: who is checking in, who is filling out paperwork, who is ready to be seated, who has been waiting for too long and who is running late. This real-time information enables dental teams to optimize patient flow, minimize delays, reduce patients’ wait times and handle the unexpected.

Quickly View Important Patient Data from the Dental Dashboard

YAPI automatically pulls relevant information from your practice management software, combines it with real-time actionable data, and delivers actionable content for everyone on your team via automated Patient Alerts. These easily recognizable icons identify patients who need special attention and prompt your team members to take corrective action.

Customizable Patient Alerts 

Easily inform your team when a patient needs to leave earlier, has a question for the doctor, requires special accommodations, or feels nervous about their treatment with patient alerts. Visual yet discrete, these alerts allow your team to communicate quickly and help impress your patients with personalized and efficient care.

Track Goals with Quick KPIs

Quick KPIs delivers relevant data from multiple reports into a single application. Check your production, adjustments, collections, and new patient count by day, month, or year on a single screen and with a single tap. Analyze practice trends and track production by provider or measure production against collections. In addition, compare your real numbers to your targets to see if your team is on track to meet your monthly goals.

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Our Favorite Features

Here are just some of our favorite features that are a part of the dental dashboard!

Real-Time Notifications on Any Screen

In real-time from any computer in the office, you’ll know who’s checking in, who’s ready to be seated, and who is ready for treatment. All of this helpful information displays in the form of pop-up messages.

Detect Missing Patient Information

Our dental dashboard will notify you of any patients who have missing contact information. Your team will be prompted to collect any missing emails and phone numbers, helping your office stay in touch with all patients.

Continuous Care Alerts

Your team will be notified through the dental dashboard of any patients who are due or past due for hygiene checks. You will be able to easily fill in your schedule, all while keeping your patients current with routine schedules.

Medical Alerts

Your dental dashboard will promptly notify your clinical and administrative team about any medical conditions a patient has in addition to allergies and current medications.

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