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They’re HAPPY at YAPI – But Can They do SEO?

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Product Updates

What if I told you the key to being ranked on Google is to have a positive attitude? You’d probably say I’m crazy. And you’d be right. Crazy like a fox.

Let me explain.

You see, dental SEO (search engine optimization for dental websites) is really about two major things:

  1. Creating an amazing piece of content.
  2. Promoting that content to people who would value it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Build relationships with people within your local community and also in the dental industry.
  • Offer them content which adds value to their business and their audience of patients, clients, subscribers, fans, viewership or readership.
  • Promote that content to a similar audience that would also appreciate your message.

Sounds great, Dental Marketing Guy. So how is it done, exactly? I’ll show you…

Just as I’m offering YAPI content that is useful to their audience of dentists, you too can offer people in your community a chance to accept your content. You can start with what Google calls geo-relevancy. That means people relevant to your local community.

Examples include:

  • Your periodontist, oral surgeon, or other dental professional that knows you.
  • Your local chamber of commerce or other business leaders in your community.
  • A gym or other sports club (they have teeth, right?)
  • The local country club (they have teeth or money, right?)
  • Any other organization or club that you’re a part of, that has an audience of their own and produces content for that audience to consume.

Next, consider industry relevance.

Examples include:

So, why exactly does publishing content on other’s blogs, websites and podcasts help both of you rank higher on search engines?

Because Google has said that earning inbound links to your dental website is one of the most primary drivers of being ranked above other dentists in your area. In fact, many SEO studies show that, without earning backlinks to your dental website, it’s going to be nearly impossible to rank for keywords such as “Charlotte dentist.” You can learn more about the top 101 factors in dental SEO by reading this blog post.

Adding relevant, engaging content to your dental website is one of the top ways to add value that Google recognizes. So you both win!

Which brings me to my next point:

What does all this have to do with how they’re happy at YAPI? A lot. You see, when you form a network of helpful, enthusiastic dental professionals, you gain opportunities to help each other out. Including doing SEO for your dental website. Turns out, YAPI does know how to improve your search engine rankings, even if they don’t lay claim to it.

But there is danger looming to those that fail to take action…

A new era of dental marketing is upon us. One where dentists that hide in isolation, clinging to their “great ideas” and “secret sauce” will find themselves losing new patient flow, compared to those that take an education and entertainment approach towards attracting new dental patients. It’s on us to take on the challenge of either (a) becoming a media company that inspires and entertains, or (b) hiring a professional marketing consultant who can do it for us.

Authored by Justin Morgan

They're Happy at YAPI but Can They do SEO; dental-marketing-guy

Justin Morgan, SEO expert with a self-proclaimed title of “Dental Marketing Guy” is dedicated to helping dentists dominate search engine rankings and get new patients.