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How to Digitize Your Dental Routing Slips?

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Product Updates

Routing Slips are very valuable. They help eliminate the need for constant clicking around in a patient’s digital chart by pulling crucial information about your patients from your computer and delivering it right at your team’s fingertips on a single page. It also serves as an essential communication tool allowing team members to pass the information to each other without interruptions.

Despite the benefits, printing Routing Slips daily just adds time-consuming tasks to the office workflow and leaves behind a pile of paper to shred. When the schedule changes at the last minute, additional Routing Slips must be generated. And even with a custom Routing Slip, someone must still review each one to identify and highlight actionable information. How could something designed to help us work efficiently become so cumbersome and inefficient?

Are you still dependant on paper Routing Slips in your dental practice? If so, then keep reading to learn how YAPI could replace your paper Routing Slips completely!

Get Up-to-Date Actionable Information at a Glance

YAPI continuously scans your practice management software and delivers need-to-know information on a single display as patients present themselves for treatment. When YAPI detects an actionable item, it automatically ads easily recognizable Patient Alerts, visible to everyone in the office. These Patient Alerts prompt your team members to take action and assure that important things don’t fall through the cracks. These smart alerts can remind your team to collect a patient balance, schedule an upcoming or past due hygiene appointment, update missing or incorrect email or mobile phone number and wish patients a Happy Birthday. Because Patient Alerts are visible anywhere in the office, everyone on the team can see patient’s broken appointment history, medications, allergies, premedication requirements and much more. By delivering this information quickly, YAPI helps to expedite appointments and improves patients’ safety and experience. And it saves your team a lot of valuable time – no more clicking around through multiple tabs in your practice management software looking for information and no more time wasted on printed routing slips.

Create a Perfect Hand-Off

YAPI’s Digital Routing Slip allows clinical team members communicate with the scheduling team quickly, efficiently, and discretely. Instead of writing on a paper Routing Slip, clinical team members update custom check-out notes to report completed procedures, indicate any treatment changes, and give specific instructions about patient’s next visit with just a few clicks. Whether a patient requires a referral to a specialist, has any concerns, or needs to pick up an extra tube of whitening gel at the checkout, all this information is quickly related to the front office via the Digital Routing Slip.

Get Things Done

The Digital Routing Slip is your solution to getting things done quickly. Anyone on the team can schedule patient related tasks and create reminders to follow up at a later time, or add patients to the Care Call list to check up on them after treatment. You could even select documents to be emailed to patients upon checkout, so nothing falls through the cracks!

Reconcile your Day

The End of the Day Report is a useful tool for making sure that all of the procedures were posted correctly, patients have been appointed, and all of the actionable items have been completed. The End of the Day Report gathers varies information about every appointment and presents it on a single report. Besides the information that would be usually available on a paper Routing Slip, The End of the Day Report also collects information about patient’s experience at the office, including wait time to be seated, arrival and dismissal times and any communications regarding this patient between the team members. YAPI highlights scheduling discrepancies and other issues that could have caused a patient to leave unhappy, giving the practice an opportunity to reach out to the patient and smooth out a negative experience.

The best part is that Digital Routing Slip, as well as many other features in YAPI, can be customized to fit the needs of your unique practice.

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