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Provide Better Patient Technology to Families With YAPI

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Product Updates

Enhance Your Dental Care to Families

While we love to see and treat families, we know too well that some of them can come with challenges. Oftentimes we aren’t made aware of a fussy child and a short-tempered parent until it’s too late. If you worry about temper tantrums or children who hate or fear the dentist, you aren’t alone! Whether you are a practice owner who caters to pediatric patients or a general practice that welcomes care to all family members, YAPI has the tools you need to reduce stress and keep your practice running smoothly for family treatments.


Fast Family Check-in with Paperless Forms

For a mom or dad, making multiple appointments for their children can be stressful. It takes a lot of time and organization to schedule and book an appointment. By the time the appointment date rolls around, many parents will find themselves filling out stacks of forms in the office, or, in cases such as our current situation, maybe even being asked to print and complete printable forms first from home. If you aren’t paperless in your practice, this is most likely one of your current workflows.

Ease those parents’ burdens and reduce the amount of time spent completing and filling out paperwork by going paperless with YAPI and taking advantage of our Family Mode Feature for digital forms.

Family Mode allows your front office to handpick the forms on your iPad that are needed for each family member, avoiding redundancy and saving time for the caregiver who needs to complete them.


Custom Alerts to Aid with Patient Care 

Implementing a visual dashboard that stores and displays everything you need to know about the patients in your practice could be a game-changer for your office!

The YAPI Practice Dashboard is not just a tool for patient flow management; it also will keep your team organized, providing you with the ability to create alerts about each patient.

For example, Jenny calls the practice to schedule a cleaning for her daughter Sarah. She explains that Sarah is terrified of the dentist. To top it off, she also has an allergy to latex. While on the phone, your front office pulls up the YAPI Practice Dashboard, opens up the patient finder tab, locates Sarah, and place two visual alerts on her file, indicating her latex allergy and nervousness.

The morning of Sarah’s appointment, your team is visually alerted through the dashboard of those concerns and your team acts accordingly, keeping the team united and preventing miscommunication.

Both Jenny and Sarah are pleasantly surprised by your office’s level of attentiveness and care, and become loyal patients to your practice.


Family Appointment Reminders

YAPI offers an incredible way to engage with patients through our two-way texting and automated appointment reminders. Automated reminders via text or email are an excellent way for parents to stay organized. Any caregiver can be automatically notified via a text of their child’s upcoming appointment(s). In addition, at the end of the text reminder is an interactive nanosite, with family appointment information listed with each child’s names and appointment dates/times neatly and consecutively. Through the nanosite parents can easily add and sync all appointments to their digital calendar with the simple tap of a button! 


Find Solutions with YAPI

Catering to pediatric patients and families is not always easy.  You never know what kind of a child or parent you are going to get in your office each morning. YAPI provides solutions for pediatric dental offices and families that are hard to beat and will help you and your team not feel blindsided by your patients. We provide benefits with our paperless forms, custom alerts with our Dashboard, and interactive patient engagement with our two-way texting and appointment reminders.

Click here to schedule a demo of YAPI and envision how we can help provide the best experience possible for your team and your family patients.