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Mass Texting with new Smart Fill feature by YAPI!

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Product Updates

The healthcare industry generally hovers around an 18.8% no-show rate when it comes to missed or broken appointments leaving dentists saying, “Ahh!” instead of their patients. Scheduling coordinators in the front office are left scrambling to find a patient to call and fill the spot, with a narrow chance at beating the clock. 

YAPI Creates a Faster and More Efficient Process for Filling Your Schedule

Luckily, the quickest way to fill those pesky gaps in your schedule is here with a mass texting feature from YAPI, Smart Fill. Instantly increase your chance at success when filling last-minute cancellations by sending a Smart Fill mass text to patients who are past due for their cleaning or exam, or to patients who are already on your ASAP list.

Your past-due hygiene recall list has likely grown more recently due to the impact of covid-19. The WHO had recommended for patients to delay their dental cleanings last year until there was a significant reduction in cases. Although you may have sent recall text or email reminders, a patient from this list may now jump at the chance to get in to see you today or tomorrow afternoon so they can get back to prioritizing their oral health. After all, 42% of Americans report that they wish they went to see their dentists more often, beating out other healthcare sectors significantly. Patients are ready to come back!

Less Calls and More Bookings – Works Like a Charm!

Calling patients from your recall past-due list is a numbers game – it takes excessive call attempts before finally connecting in the first place. Filling an unexpected appointment gap doesn’t offer the luxury of time. YAPI integrates with your practice management software so the recall list is always available on-demand with Smart Fill. You can even filter your recipient list based on prophy or perio recall, age range, recall due date, insurance (if gathered through Smart Scheduling), and how recently you have already attempted to reach patients via recall texts or Smart Fill.

The other half of the battle is finding the perfect fit for the particular time frame and appointment type. Combing through patient notes to find these details is tedious and time-consuming when you’re trying to work quickly. You may normally run the risk of contacting a patient who has told you on numerous occasions that they cannot have a visit on a Wednesday afternoon. The result? A frustrated patient who may feel more like a ‘number’ and diminished confidence for the scheduling coordinator. 

Smart Fill to the rescue! Since patients can set their general scheduling preferences for the timeframes and providers they prefer with Smart Scheduling, you can make sure your text blast only delivers to the ideal recipient every time, depending on the opening. This method builds trust in your relationship with your patients and peace of mind for ‘the messenger’ every time. Your team can adjust patient scheduling preferences as well as needed, giving you even more control.

Powerful Automation with Customization

Customize your message, and preview the text to get it just right before you press send. You’ll see the power of real-time two-way texting right from your desktop when patients are prompted to reply to you if interested. It’s never been this quick and easy to fill a canceled appointment. Smart Fill is available in all YAPI plans that include automated patient engagement. If you are interested to learn more about Smart Fill and patient communication with YAPI, book a demo today!