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Mango Voice Integration: A Great Phone Solution

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Product Updates

We have teamed up with Mango Voice, an enterprise-grade, cloud-based VoIP phone system, to bring you the best technology for a modern and efficient dental practice!

Our integration with Mango Voice works seamlessly with our add-on feature, Phone Assistant, to provide you with the technology you love to use and reliability that you can trust.

Our goal at YAPI is to create software that automates busy-work for dentists and allows them to focus on what truly matters: their patients. We created our Phone Assistant feature with that in mind.

So, what does Phone Assistant do?

Phone Assistant enables dental practices to accomplish more with each incoming patient call. An intuitive pop-up displays relevant patient information on the computer as each patient calls the office. This pop-up provides dental practices the information they need to accomplish more during every call and allows them to provide excellent customer services without missing critical detail.

With YAPI’s Phone Assistant and Mango Voice integration, dental practices will be able to:

Save Time

Patients will no longer need to be put on hold while the dental team searches for their records. All valuable and crucial information will auto populate on screen through Phone Assistant’s pop-up. Click-to-call patients’ home or mobile phones directly from YAPI. Send a mobile text or email directly from the Phone Assistant pop-up window.

Identify Opportunities

Dental team members can quickly toggle between family members to view relevant information and ensure that everyone stays on track.

Send an InstaReview request directly from the Phone Assistant pop-up window as patients inform you of an excellent experience at your practice!

Collect Dues

Collections can be improved by catching unpaid balances. Patients’ dues can be brought to their attention while they are on the phone.

Sounds great! Where do I learn more? 

More details to come about this exciting new integration!