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InstaReview from YAPI to Enable Dental Offices Automate Online Reviews

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Product Updates

Starting April 12, 2018, Google made updates to their Terms of Service. This is not surprising as Google always valued high-quality content.

The new policy reads:

“Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.”

Previously, practice owners were able to cherry-pick which patients were asked to write an online review through a process called review-gating. This practice now violates Google’s review guidelines. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news. It turns out that using a pre-qualifying question to identify happy patients before asking them for a review does not necessarily prevent negative reviews. An unhappy patient will always find a way to vent online. But with one less step to complete, more patients will be sharing their great experience with your practice.

What Will Change With YAPI’s InstaReview?

We’ve updated our software to make sure that it’s compliant with Google’s Content Guidelines. This change will take effect immediately and will not require any software update.

InstaReview still makes it really easy for your patients to review your practice online, on the sites that matter, such as Google and Facebook. And now it also makes it easy for your patients to reach out to you directly to share any negative experience. This feature will help you collect valuable feedback from your patients and will encourage those with a negative experience to share it directly with you.

But What If I Get A Bad Review?

Receiving a bad review is disappointing but displaying both negative and positive reviews makes any business look more authentic and helps gain the trust of patients and potential patients. Patients understand that it’s unrealistic to expect a pristine 5 Star reputation and many wouldn’t trust practice reviews if they didn’t see a single negative review.

Responding to negative reviews in a pro-active, polite, and HIPAA compliant manner can humanize your practice and help gain credibility with anyone who will be reading these reviews later.

Download our eBook, The Dentist’s Guide To Online Reviews, you find many helpful suggestions for responding to negative reviews. Here is a great quote by Dr. Gina Dorfman:

“Responding to negative reviews shows your responsiveness and
credibility. A good response to a bad or downright nasty review can
cause prospective patients to view your business in a positive light.”
Gina Dorfman DDS