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Behind The Smiles Podcast with Andre Shirdan

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Behind the Smiles, Podcast

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In this special episode, we interviewed Andre Shirdan, keynote speaker, coach, and lecturer. Since 1989 Andre has worked with thousands of practices helping to create systems for treatment planning, staff training, goal attainment, internal and external marketing, and computer systems integration.

Key Points to Jump To:

0:53 Introduction
2:20 Andre’s beginning in Dentistry
7:14 How to deliver a great patient experience
15:01 Why Andre’s life is all about four-letter words
17:34 Why Andre doesn’t like the word “team”
31:59 Should we share numbers with our team?
38:07 How can we apply this information, not just listen to it?
46:16 Where can we go to get in touch with you?

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