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Behind The Smiles: Dr. Erin Elliott #1

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Dental Podcasts

Dr Erin Elliott: Sleep Better Northwest

In this episode of Behind The Smiles, we interviewed Dr. Erin Elliott, the Queen of Good Air! Dr. Elliott is a practicing dentist in Post Falls, Idaho. She has a passion for treating patients with Sleep Apnea and is well known for her lectures and courses on the subject.

Key Points to Jump To:

01:44 How do you manage your busy schedule?

05:49 Do you believe life/work balance exists?

08:30 When did you start to get interested in Sleep Apnea?

10:35 How do you implement Sleep Apnea into a dental practice?

16:57 How do we find candidates for treatment?

20:02 Why does the term “Sleep Apnea” put up so many boundaries?

28:27 What upcoming events do you have?

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View some great Show Notes from one of Dr. Elliot’s lectures. 


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