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Reach Your Patients During COVID-19 Through Teledentistry

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Dental Patient Communication

We know it’s stressful thinking about the patients we had on our schedules who are now stuck at home. Now is the perfect time to use as much technology as you can to your advantage.

During the pandemic, you can still care for your patients and provide exceptional service through teledentistry as it gives you the ability to reach your patients virtually. You’ll be able to hold virtual consults to follow up with your existing patients, pre-screen emergency patients, and move forward with specialty care such as sleep apnea, orthodontics, and Invisalign cases. 

You can go a step further by using YAPI for online new patient forms and digital consents, as new patients will need to provide you with their information and health history. 

Here are some useful tips and guidelines to look over before you decide to move further with teledentistry. 

  • Please note, this article is not legal advice. 


Set Up Your Virtual Practice and Look Over Guidelines and Policies 

Make sure that you have the proper equipment. You will need access to a video camera on your phone, tablet, or computer, in addition to a high-quality speaker and a microphone. Most laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets have these features already. You will also need to implement a HIPAA Compliant interface for your video appointments, chats, and conversations. You can look into the paid versions of Zoom or Google Hangouts or a video streaming service that caters solely to telehealth communication, such as Dentulu or Mouthwatch

Before you get started, familiarize yourself with your state’s policy on telehealth parity laws. You should also read over the rules and guidelines set by the ADA for Teledentistry. Be sure that you can get reimbursed for appointments. Currently, United Concordia will cover teledentistry services for the next 90 days, due to COVID-19. Other insurance companies may follow suit. 


Identify Patients Through Your Appointment Book and Use Interest Lists 

Get started by going through the appointment book from the time you had to close your doors. Identify any patients who may have needed follow-up. Also, look over your Care Call lists. These should be the patients you try and contact first, and, if possible, extend an invitation to follow up with them via a virtual consult, if appropriate. 

Look over your interest lists from your software. If you use YAPI, you can easily create and import interest lists from your PMS and filter patients based on insurance and other variables. You could eBlast specific patients about your teledentistry services, or print a list and individually reach out to a selected number of patients. 

Learn more about Interests Lists with YAPI 


Set Up Online Forms and Consents with YAPI 

Go a step further and go fully virtual with Online Forms from YAPI. For new patients who schedule an emergency appointment, you will still need to collect their information and health history. With paperless services such as YAPI, you can host these digital forms directly on your practice website or via a link in an email. Once your patient fills out their forms, their data will sync to your PMS, giving you the actionable information you will need for your virtual meeting so you can move forward with treatment. 

You will also need your patient to agree and sign a Teledentistry Consent Form, which YAPI provides in addition to a screening questionnaire for COVID-19. 

With access to a remote portal, such as YAPI POP, you can communicate directly with your patient in real-time through text and email. You also have the ability to follow up with any canceled treatments all at once by mass texting by appointment date. 

Get going with a virtual practice today. You can use both teledentistry and YAPI to your advantage at this time to continually reach and care for your patients. If you have YAPI, be sure to download the following resources from our HelpCenter. 


If you would like to demo our software to learn more about what YAPI can offer you during COVID-19, please schedule a demo by clicking the button below or reach out to us directly at 844-669-9274.