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How Mobile Texting Is Reshaping Dentistry

by | Dec 30, 2017 | Dental Patient Communication

It was 25 years ago on December 3, 1992, when Canadian engineer, Neil Papworth, discovered a way to send his typed message, “Merry Christmas”, via his personal computer, to his friend’s mobile phone in England. Fast forward 25 years later and most Americans now say that texting is their preferred form of communication.

Reach Your Dental Patients Faster Than Ever! 

It’s always important to meet public demand, especially for the dental industry. When it comes to patient care, you want to provide the best experience possible. Since the majority of Americans prefer to communicate via text, now is the time to implement that method of communication in your own dental practice.

We live in a digital society that has allowed us to work more efficiently. It’s every dentist’s dream to have an efficient workflow so that they can focus primarily on their patients. Implementing a text messaging system for your patients will do just that. It will help you to streamline your daily tasks of patient outreach and help meet public demand. If you take the time to respect and meet needs, you’ll bring more patients to your door and keep your existing ones happy.

A Text Message Can Make A Difference …. 

Text messaging is proven to be one of the most effective and rapid forms of communication in our time. If you are struggling to reach patients, confirm appointments, and fill last minute cancellations, now is the time to try reaching out to them via text.

Have you been thinking about implementing a text messaging system in your practice but don’t know where to start? At YAPI, we have everything you need to get you started! Our Patient Engagement plan will give you and your team members more time to provide great care to your patients while automating the busy work that ties you down.

Here are just some of our favorite features that set our plan apart

  • True Two-Way Texting: Chat with patients from your desktop computer as if you were texting from a mobile phone. As messages pop up on your screen, you can reply and connect in real time.
  • Premedicate Reminders: Remind your patients to premedicate a day before any appointment with the convenience of an automated text. YAPI scans all upcoming appointments for patients who need to premedicate.
  • Interactive Mobile Nanosite: Provide more detailed information in a sleek online Nanosite while keeping text reminders short and ‘to the point.’

As we head into a new year it’s the perfect time to set new practice goals. If you are looking to build better patient experiences while reducing the daily workload, it’s time to use technology to your benefit and implement a special Patient Engagement plan into your own practice.