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How to Automate Patient Engagement At Your Dental Office?

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Dental Patient Communication

When it comes to automating patient communication with software, many dentists are apprehensive. Some fear that automation will take away from a personal touch and make their patients feel unheard and avoided. Others worry that implementing such software would not only be costly but yield little to no results in reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

While these are valid concerns, good software will only enhance the patient’s experience, not hinder it! In reality, what’s concerning you may be holding you back from delivering a better and more convenient service to your patients.


Texting, The New Way of Calling


Every human being wants to be acknowledged. While that may seem like more reason to personally reach out to your patients on the phone, here’s a little secret … not all of your patients are going to want you to call them!

In fact, recent new polls from Gallup have found that “sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for American adults under 50.”

We live in a digital society, one in which the vast majority now book, schedule and pay online or with their smartphone. We book appointments online, deposit checks on our mobile phones, and order from restaurants with just a few taps on our favorite delivery app. So why should it be any different with dentistry? We need to provide convenient options for our patients that are harmonious with new technology.

If you haven’t already, consider implementing a texting platform in your practice that allows your patients to text the office during and after business hours.

By implementing texting as a form of patient communication in your practice, your patients will be appreciative of the added convenience. Software such as YAPI, allows dental practices to communicate with their patients via text in real-time from the convenience of a desktop computer.


Using Technology to our Advantage; Reducing No-shows and Filling Gaps in the Schedule


No shows and last minute cancellations are every dentist’s worst enemy. They create gaps in the schedule, cost the practice time and money, and make it difficult to run a practice efficiently.

Start by reducing your no-show rate. You can do this by sending automated, yet personalized, appointment confirmations and same-day reminders. You can send these reminders to patients who have indicated that they prefer to be reached via text and email. This method will quickly remind busy patients of upcoming appointments and will allow them to take quick action and notify the practice if they need to reschedule.

Fill in the gaps on your schedule with your ASAP List and some added automation with YAPI. With YAPI you can easily filter through the ASAP list and contact patients who are ready to be seen via text, email, or phone. Reclaiming your day just got easier and the automation is only adding convenience, not hindering the patient experience.


Still Make The Personal Touches


At YAPI, our mantra is to help dental practices focus on what really matters, their patients. Our software conveniently automates the busy tasks – allowing practices to focus more on personal touches and the overall patient experience.

Good patient engagement software will only enhance the way you do dentistry. See what YAPI has to offer you by scheduling a demo today.