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YAPI Customer Success Stories — Dr. Bobbi Stanley

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Customer Stories

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Hi! Dr. Bobbi Stanley here with Stanley Dentistry. I wanted to tell you today about the YAPI communication system. We’ve been using YAPI for many years, and it’s helped us with communicating not only with our patients but also our intra-office communication with each other.

We Use YAPI Everyday In Our Dental Practice

We use YAPI every day by having online forms for our new patients to fill out, and then when our new patients if they need to do anything in the office as far as filling out forms, they’re able to fill out their forms through YAPI on iPads. So, the technology that YAPI has allowed us to introduce to our patients has shown our patients that we’re a higher tech office and that we have a higher standard.

YAPI Has Helped Us Improve Our Intra-Office Communication Within Our Practice

It also has helped us communicate with each other because it helps us to be able to see where our patients are, which chair, which operatory our patients’ in, when our patient is seated, when the doctor or clinician sees the patients, and when the patient is dismissed. With this, YAPI will give us reports, which will allow us to evaluate the efficiency of our office, so that we can make sure that our patients are not waiting for us.

With YAPI, I Always Know Where My Patients Are

On top of that, YAPI will email our patients or text our patients, to let them know when their appointments are, and to remind them about their appointments. YAPI even has a system where it will allow our patients to get a survey from our office so that we can see how well we’re doing and also at the same time it will allow them to place reviews online for us.

My favorite thing about YAPI is the ability to communicate within the office. I don’t have to worry about where my patient is, or if my patient has been seated, I can glance over my shoulder at my computer and know exactly where my patients are.

I always recommend YAPI to other providers, because YAPI is so easy to work with. Anytime we want a change with YAPI, or we want to implement something new, we call them, and they figure out a way to make it happen. They’re so easy to work with! YAPI is our go-to for our intra-office communication as well as our patient communication. I highly recommend YAPI!


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