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Introducing YAPI Puppies with a Purpose

by | May 30, 2019 | Company Updates

At YAPI not only are we known for our paperless dental software but also for our small furry friends that accompany us to many of our trade shows – our YAPI Puppies! Sadly they aren’t real puppies, but they’re the next best thing! These pocket-sized plush toys aren’t just cute, they also serve as a special screen cleaner. They’re great for cleaning iPads due to their microfiber bellies. 

We had no idea how popular these little guys would become! In fact, we have had to safeguard them at the trade shows we attend, otherwise, they disappear too quickly.

Aside from looking cute and cleaning screens, we have decided to give these puppies an additional purpose, one that you can contribute to!

Introducing Puppies with a Purpose!

Now you can grab a YAPI Puppy and help the environment at the same time! At all upcoming trade shows we will be attending, we will have a donations box on display where you can leave a donation in exchange for a YAPI Puppy.

Your donation will go to a local non profit headquartered near our YAPI office in North Hollywood, Tree People.

If you read our previous article from this past May, you will recall that our team at YAPI volunteered time with Tree People. We had the opportunity to give back to our local environment and learn about the importance of sustaining our planet with trees. If you missed our video we posted you can watch it here:

YouTube video

One of the ways we conserve the environment at YAPI is through our software. Every year thousands of dental practices are reducing the wasteful workflow that paperwork brings by switching to YAPI and going truly paperless.

By using YAPI and (or) by donating to Tree People, you are making a big difference on our environment.

How can I Donate?

You can catch us at one of our next events by clicking here to check out our upcoming shows on our Facebook page. If you are unable to attend any of the events, you can leave a donation on Tree People’s website, here. Please take a screenshot of your donation and send it in an email along with your mailing address to sales@yapicentral.com.

Thank you for your contribution!

PS. Have you noticed you can now chat with our YAPI Puppy on our website? Go to our homepage and click on the green chat icon that pops up on the bottom right hand side of you screen. Our puppy may be able to answer a few questions for you about YAPI.


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