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Your Practice Online Portal is Here!

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Paperless Dental Software, Product News and Updates

Your day just got easier with YAPI POP. POP stands for practice online portal. Now you’ll be able to access crucial and time-sensitive information from your practice remotely, anytime and anywhere!


What is the benefit of YAPI POP?

Are you snowed in and left with no choice but to close your practice? Are you trying to plan tomorrow’s day in advance? Do you need to reach out to a patient after office hours? YAPI POP will save the day!

With POP you can send and reply to patient texts directly from the portal, view your upcoming schedules in advance, and access crucial patient information such as upcoming appointments, balances due, and medical history information.

You can login to POP at any given time from any location on your favorite web browser and on any device. No login to the YAPI Practice Dashboard is required. The best part is that POP syncs and updates in real-time with YAPI and your PMS, keeping you up-to-date at all times.


Invite Users, Assign Roles, Create Permissions

With POP you can assign an unlimited amount of users with separate logins to your account. Roles and permissions include Users, Admins, and Super Admins. The ability to create and assign roles is great for SOP protocol and establishing guidelines and practices in the event of office closures and emergencies.


YAPI POP is HIPAA Compliant, Safe, and Secure

POP is a HIPAA compliant interface and built to be secure, stable, and reliable. Login to the portal requires two-factor authentication, ensuring there’s an extra layer of security at all times, for each user.


Sign me up, I’m ready!

The best thing is that if you already use YAPI you’ll have access to POP upon its release, so stay tuned for important announcements and check your inboxes. YAPI POP is included with every YAPI plan.

We know just how important automating busy-work is, so we want all our customers to enjoy an easier, more efficient day with their own Practice Online Portal.


YAPI POP is currently in Beta 

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