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10 Years of Innovative Dental Software

by | May 1, 2020 | Dental Office Communication, Paperless Dental Software, Product News and Updates

Celebrating 10 years of YAPI. Read our story and learn why thousands use and love our innovative dental software. 

It Started Out As A Vision

It’s been over a decade since the first concept of YAPI was imagined. Dr. Gina Dorfman had been practicing dentistry for nearly six years and was starting to feel frustrated and overwhelmed in her Santa Clarita based practice.

At that time, a typical day in her practice was met with many obstacles. She felt that her team had inefficient communication methods, her patient hand-offs were poorly delegated, and, most importantly, she felt tied down by the limitations within her practice management software.

She began to search for alternative solutions to help overcome her frustrations. To her dismay, many of the applications she tried continually failed to help her accomplish the goals she set out to achieve with her practice.

The biggest issue at hand was that of internal communication. Dr. Gina found that after treating her patients, her team oftentimes struggled with reading her handwriting on patient routing slips and post-treatment care notes. This led to major miscommunication between her, her team, and her patients. She also noticed that her staff in the back office were repeatedly walking to the front office, asking if patients were ready for treatment, or yelling at each other across the hall.

Her frustration with these pain points in her practice led her to take action. The year was 2009 when the idea of YAPI was brought to life.

Overcoming Pain Points in a Dental Practice  

Tired of continuing down the path of trial and error with different software applications, she turned to her father and software engineer, Dr. Alec Dorfman, who today is the CTO of YAPI. Dr. Gina Dorfman spent countless hours with her father, telling him about her frustrations and the limitations she faced within her dental software. They decided to take the matter into their own hands. Months later, the first concept of YAPI was designed and engineered by Dr. Alec Dorfman. Fast forward one year later, YAPI was integrated into Dr. Gina Dorfman’s practice.How YAPI Got Its Start

The dental industry is a tight-knit group with large communities of dentists and staff interacting with each other on online forums and Facebook Groups. In the early years of YAPI, Dr. Gina began to share stories and examples of the goals she was finally able to accomplish in her practice with her software. Online forums about YAPI started to buzz on well-known sites such as Dentaltown, which evoked conversations that would soon lead to YAPI being shared with colleagues. By 2011, YAPI was shared with the public as a software and a service subscription, lots of dentists began to implement the software into their own practices.

Within the next few years, YAPI grew into a successful business, and today has two offices in California. One in Newport Beach for Product Development and Technical Support and an office in North Hollywood for Account Management, Billing, Customer Care, Human Resources, Marketing, and Sales. Today, in 2020, YAPI offers a wide variety of products from paperless forms to automated appointment reminders and recall. Used by thousands, YAPI has become the original leader in innovative paperless technology for dentists.

Today, thousands of dental providers love and trust YAPI as their dedicated platform for adding more automation and reducing busywork. What started out as an idea, grew into innovative and successful technology. On April, 30th, 2020, YAPI celebrates its 10th birthday. If you have not taken advantage of learning about our software, we invite you to learn more. Download our newest eBook below to read more about YAPI and how it can help your dental practice.

Shevonne Allison

Shevonne Allison

Human Resources Director

This special article was contributed to YAPI on behalf of our Human Resources Director, Shevonne Allison. Shevonne has been working at YAPI for over four years. Not only has Shevonne witnessed exponential growth and development of the software, but she has seen the growth and development of the team and departments within our company as well. She has significantly contributed to these efforts with her talents in recruitment and team building. We are incredibly grateful to have her on our team and for her contributions.

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