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Everything you need to know about your patients is now right in front of your eyes! Real-time actionable information built for you!

A lot of time is spent looking through charts, clicking through software modules, printing routing slips and identifying patients with unpaid balances, medical conditions, allergies, special requests and unscheduled hygiene appointments. YAPI™ solves this problem by automating many of the administrative functions. YAPI™ continuously scans patients’ charts to detect any issues that need to be addressed. When an issue is detected, it automatically alerts team members and prompts corrective action!

Get On The Same Page!

The Practice Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your office. At a glance, you’ll know patient’s readiness and priority: who is checking in, who is filling out paperwork, who is ready to be seated, who has been waiting for too long and who is running late. This real-time information enables dental teams to optimize patient flow, minimize delays, reduce patients’ wait times and handle the unexpected.

Never Miss A Thing!

YAPI™ automatically pulls relevant information from your practice management software, combines it with real-time actionable data, and delivers actionable content for everyone on your team via automated Patient Alerts. These easily recognizable icons identify patients who need special attention and prompt your team members to take corrective action. With patient alerts, your team does not need to spend the time to prepare in advance, as these alerts pop on the Dashboard when an action is required. No more clicking through your practice management software in search of information – just hover over any alert to see it’s content!

Feature Highlights


Balance Alerts

Remind your team to collect any outstanding balances as patients present to the office to help you take control of your bottom line.

Medical Alerts

Warn your clinical and administrative team about any medical conditions, allergies, and medications to ensure patient safety.

Birthday Alerts

Remind your team to wish your patient a Happy Birthday when they spend their special day at your office!

Missing Information Alerts

Prompt your team to collect any missing contact information, such as an e-mail address or a mobile phone number to help you stay in touch with your patients.

Continuous Care Alerts

Identify patients who are either due or past due for hygiene to help your team fill any last minute openings and keep your patients current with routine care.

Schedule Change Alerts

Inform your entire team about last minute cancellations, new appointments, and late patients to help you make the most of your day and handle the unexpected.

Stay On Time

Appointment Timers help you stay on schedule and let your patients know that you value their time by keeping track of the patients’ arrival, wait, and treatment times. Practice Dashboard provides an ongoing status of every operatory and patient, and lets you know of any delays in the schedule. By keeping track of patient flow and visualizing delays, teams can take control of the day and make adjustments to stay on track.

Spread The Word

Ad Hoc Alerts can be added quickly, at any time, to inform the team when a patient needs to leave earlier, has a question for the doctor, requires special accommodations, or feels nervous about the treatment. Visual yet discrete, these alerts allow your team to communicate quickly and help impress your patients with personalized and efficient care. Ad Hoc Alerts can be added to a single appointment or set to appear at every visit.” Also, change the image to a Dashboard close up, like in Patient Alerts and show “Patient has a question about today’s tx” alert with a cursor over an alert.

Make It Yours

The Practice Dashboard is very flexible and can be configured just to show the information you want to see. The completely customizable interface allows you to adjust the size and location of the dashboard on every computer monitor in your practice. It can be easily switched from full view to a slim side bar display, and back again. The Dashboard can float behind your practice management software and pop up only when important messages are received.

What I love the most is the ability to see at a glance what is happening in the practice: which patients are where; which hygienists need checks; how long patients have been waiting; and what room I should be going to now and next. I also like that I can immediately see any alerts for overdue accounts, allergies, and other important notes.

If you are looking for an effective solution to get your patients back into the practice, give YAPI a try!

Dr. Michael Ling

Clarence Street Dental Group

We have actually had patients surprised that when they check out at the end of their appointment, our patient coordinator already knows all of the details of the treatment, what was provided, and what was discussed. All of this saves time so we can focus on the patient experience.

We have only scratched the surface of what YAPI can offer. All of this saves us time so we can focus on the patient experience. I highly recommend giving YAPI a try. After you start using it, your only regret will be why you didn’t sign up sooner.

Dr. Warren E. Woodruff

Caring Smiles Family Dentistry

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