Phone Assistant

Deliver an exceptional patient experience over the phone. Stop clicking and start seeing with an intuitive pop-up about your patients.


Stop putting patients on hold while you search their files. YAPI gives you the information your team needs to make the most of each call and create an amazing patient experience. Armed with relevant information, your team members can take care of everything without missing a critical detail and provide callers with a personalized, meaningful experience.

Spend Your Time Where It Matters Most

Your practice management software has a wealth of information, but it can be hard to find the right information without putting your patients on hold. With YAPI, the relevant and actionable information is served in an intuitive pop-up before a call is even answered.

When the phone rings, YAPI instantly matches callers with existing patient records and automatically displays critical patient information, such as caller’s name, family file information, upcoming birthdays, balance, continuous care due, and future appointments.

YAPI does not just improve your patient communication – it improves the outcome of every call.

Feature Highlights


Schedule More Patients

Schedule due or past due hygiene appointments while you’ve got them on the phone! What a convenience!

Delight Your Patients

No need to put patients on hold. Get all the information needed to create the perfect patient experience with every call!

Identify Opportunities

Quickly toggle between family members to view relevant information and ensure everyone stays on track.

Save Some Time

Spend more time helping patients and less time looking up information. No more long holds, no more abrupt interruptions.


An Intuitive pop up instantly surfaces opportunities that need your attention most so that nothing is overlooked.

Collect Dues

Improve collections by catching unpaid balances. View your patients’ dues and bring them to their attention.

Mango Voice Integration – New! 

YAPI’s Phone Assistant integrates with Mango Voice, an enterprise-grade, cloud-based VoIP phone system, to bring you the best technology for a modern and efficient dental practice!

More news about this new integration to come!

RingCentral Integration

YAPI’s Phone Assistant integrates with RingCentral to bring you the technology you love to use with reliability that you can trust.

Don’t have RingCentral? Learn more about our integration here.

* We also offer compatable options for analog phone systems.

Prior to using Phone Assistant, I was constantly putting patients on hold to check for their upcoming appointments or pull up other family members. Sometimes I’d forget altogether to remind them of any unscheduled appointments or outstanding balances! Once we started using Phone Assistant, I quickly noticed how much faster I was able to help callers. Now it’s much easier addressing all patient concerns, while all the helpful information pops up on our screen automatically. I am no longer guessing which caller is a patient or asking them to spell their name. Our patients are pleasantly surprised when we greet them by name. Awkward moments of finding out you’ve been talking to an established patient have been completely eliminated!

Gladys Magallon – Benefits Coordinator

Benefits Coordinator, Dentistry for Kids & Adults

I really can’t say enough positive things about YAPI. When we signed up for YAPI we found that we can let go of several other systems because YAPI does so much for our practice. Their support is great: anything we need help with they are there for us.  We even made requests for some modifications to the system and they have made changes based on our feedback.  We have been using YAPI for just about a year and we couldn’t be happier.

Cherie Snowbirg

Stanley Dentistry

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