True Paperless™ Forms

Eliminate alll printing, scanning, and shredding in your dental practice with our paperless technology!

True Paperless Forms by YAPI™ eliminate the tedious process of data entry as well as the costly and time-consuming process of filing, printing, scanning, and shredding paper documents. When you transition to a paperless practice, you will reduce appointment delays, utilize your team’s time more efficiently, lower your overhead, create a more streamlined workflow, and enhance your patients’ experience with your dental practice.

Streamline Check-in with Paperless Forms

YAPI™ allows your patients to complete and sign their registration forms and medical histories on an iPad. All forms are automatically populated with patient’s information from your practice management software, so there is no double entry. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to review completed forms and update information in your practice management software seamlessly and automatically – no additional data entry required!

Put Your Patient Forms Online

Patients love filling out registration forms from the convenience of their home computer or mobile device. They simply click on a new patient forms link on your website or welcome email to start. Completed forms are securely sent to your Practice Dashboard. Your team can review submitted forms and quickly import patient information received into in your practice management software – no manual entry required.

Our responsive digital forms support large and small screens by adjusting elements accordingly.

Get a Proper Consent Form 

Patients can read and sign consent forms directly on an iPad chair-side or anywhere in the office. Multiple electronic forms can be linked into document packs and signed at once. Fully customizable consent forms are automatically populated with patient information. Signed documents are date-time stamped and stored in your dental practice management software.

YAPI™ comes pre-loaded with fully customizable consent forms, post-operative instructions, letters, and other templates.

Present and Sign any Form on an iPad

With YAPI™ you can use an iPad to present Treatment Plans or any other form created in your practice management software for your patients to view and sign. Copies of signed documents are stored in your dental practice management software ensuring that these critical documents are never lost or misfiled.

Take Patient Photos In A Snap!

High-resolution patient photographs can be taken with your iPad and saved to patient’s file in your practice management software in seconds with our Snap and Tap feature.

Feature Highlights


Keep Track Of Changes

YAPI™ highlights any changes patients make to their contact information or medical history forms, to help you spot them easily and ensure patients’ safety.

Check-In Families

Share contact and other information between family members, because busy moms appreciate not having to write duplicate information on multiple forms.

Error Detection

Keep contact information up-to-date with automated alerts that trigger your team to collect any missing or incorrect email or mobile number.

Pediatric Forms

Kids have different needs, and we have special electronic forms designed just for your young patients that address the unique requirement of pediatric practices.


Don’t let your desktop and signature pads tie you down. Securely access YAPI from your desktop or tablet to complete electronic forms anywhere you are in the office.

Custom Forms

We have a lot of great digital forms for you. Do you have your forms you love to use? No problem! We are happy to build custom digital forms for your practice.

Multilingual Forms

Integrated electronic forms are available in multiple languages. Comfort your patients by presenting forms in their preferred language.

Online Forms

Save time and make a great first impression! New patients can complete patient registration forms online conveniently from any mobile device or home computer.


Design your own form packages for new patients (adult or child), specific treatment or quick medical history updates.

Free eBook: Your Journey to a Paperless Practice

Going “truly paperless” is now easier than before and attainable for every dental practice.

This e-book will guide you through the process, step by step. By the end of this e-book you’ll have the confidence to turn your practice into an efficient, paperless office!

Implementing paperless forms was a no brainer, because it meant no more scanning and shredding forms or data entry of important patient information. YAPI’s paperless solutions took a little time for my staff to get used to, but we progressed right along.

We have taken advantage of the unlimited training offered by YAPI. This is not only to train new staff members, but also to ensure we are utilizing the software to its fullest capacity. Creating support tickets and scheduling appointments through the YAPI dashboard is very easy to do. No matter the question, the support team is great. They always follow-up with thorough emails outlining important tips and tricks.

Sanjini Shetty, DMD

Dental Designs of New England

We have been thrilled with everything we can do with YAPI! Before signing up I was concerned about getting everyone in the office trained to use YAPI, but with the online training and a little practice it turned out to be no problem at all. With YAPI, we now have patients fill out new patient paperwork online and have them sign any documents that need signatures on an iPad. We have reduced almost all of the scanning! I even have had patients comment about how efficient the office has become.
Holly Robinson

Stutler Dental

Ready to go paperless?

Goodbye printouts and clipboards. Hello to electronic forms!

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