Paperless Dental Forms

Eliminate all printing, scanning, and shredding in your dental practice with True Paperless™ by YAPI. Our electronic forms will reduce your overhead, create a more streamlined workflow, and enhance your patients’ experience with your dental practice.

Streamline Check-In With Our Paperless Forms

Now your patients can sign and complete their registration forms and medical history all from the convenience of an iPad. All of our forms automatically sync your patient’s data directly to your practice management software. Say goodbye to data entry once and for all! 

Put Your New Patient Forms Online 

New patients of the practice can access your forms directly from your practice website or via email. They can complete and submit their forms from any device. Your team can review submitted forms and quickly import patient information to your practice management software with no manual entry!

Present and Sign Digital Consent Forms and Treatment Plans 

Patients can read and sign consent forms and treatment plans directly on an iPad chair-side or anywhere in the office. Multiple electronic forms can be linked into document packs and signed at once. Once a document is signed, it’s immediately stored in your practice management software.

Take Patient Photos with One Tap 

High-resolution patient photographs can be taken with your iPad and saved to patient’s file in your practice management software with our Snap and Tap feature.

What Sets our Forms at YAPI Apart? 

We have the longest running experience supporting integrated paperless forms – since 2011. 

Fully Customizable 

Do you have forms you already love to use? No problem! You can build and customize any form with YAPI True Paperless. YAPI™ also comes preloaded with a gallery of forms you can pick from.

Data Pre-Populates

Your existing patients will never deal with the hassle of re-entering previous information that’s already in your practice management software. YAPI auto detects those fields and prepopulates them into your forms.

Multilingual Forms

Our integrated electronic forms are available in a wide variety of languages. Comfort your patients by presenting forms in their preferred language. All their information will sync flawlessy to your PMS. 

Family Mode

No parent wants to fill out multiple forms for each child. With family mode enabled, only the information needed for each patient will be displayed. No duplicate information will ever happen with YAPI True Paperless!

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