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Online Patient Booking System

Provide your new and existing patients the convenience of booking an appointment hassle-free with an online patient booking system. All data syncs in real-time to your practice management software.

Put yourself in your patients’ shoes and experience it for yourself!

Stronger Marketing. More Patients.

Attract new qualified patients to your practice through a special scheduling link you can incorporate into your Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp Profiles. Set your website apart by placing an interactive scheduling widget on the pages you choose. Our scheduling widget is modern, responsive, and takes all the measures necessary in preventing spam bots or unqualified patients.

Easy and Automated Recall Scheduling

Now you can easily follow up with your recall patients by texting or emailing them an automated message with a link to schedule their next appointment. The best part is YAPI automatically detects and prepopulates the patient’s data! All your patients will need to do is verify their identity and schedule the appointment. It’s that simple!

Customizable Online Patient Booking to Fit Your Needs

We know that every practice works and operates differently. We built our interface with that in mind, making sure all your unique scheduling needs are met. You have full control over what your patients see, select, and schedule. Adjusting the number of open appointments, appointment types, and providers available are all fully customizable. Any changes made to your appointment book syncs automatically in real-time to our online patient booking system.

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Our Favorite Patient Booking System Features

Here are some of our favorite features you will get with our dental online scheduling system! 

Open 24/7

You’re going to stand out from the crowd because now your appointment book is open 24/7! With the ability for a patient to schedule an appointment on their own accord, an opportunity for more appointment bookings and fewer no-shows is practically a given.

Insurance Collection

Our scheduling system offers the most complete process in the dental industry to collect and submit patient insurance. An appointment will not get booked until the required insurance information is submitted. All data submitted by the patient syncs directly to the PMS.

Safe and Secure

Before confirming their booked appointment, new patients will pass a simple security test with a verification code sent to their mobile phone. All returning patients are matched with their existing patient records by booking their next recall through their mobile number on file and verifying their birth date. This prevents any potential for creating a duplicate record!

Showcase Multiple Locations

Do you own multiple practices or clinics? No problem! Our scheduling widget can be customized to display all your office locations with an interactive map including office hours. Patients can easily view and select the office location they wish to book the appointment with, in addition to reading quick information about each practice.

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