A new era has arrived

Introducing our powerful user-friendly web app, Yapi Leap, designed to elevate how you communicate with your patients and reach new heights in your office.

Faster. Easier. Sleeker.

Our brand new platform is where user-friendliness meets innovation. You have more at your fingertips than ever before like:


  • Universal Online Dental Forms: Patients can sign on any device with a browser. Features include drag-and-drop form creation, multi-language support, and zero-click import for all forms
  • Enhanced Two-Way Texting: A redesigned interface promotes clear, organized communication between practices and patients, showcasing which staff member is conversing.
  • Form Distribution Flexibility: Forms can be texted or emailed to patients before their appointment for quicker in-office processing.

A modern design

Prioritizing efficiency and revenue optimization, Yapi Leap boasts a revamped and intuitive user interface, cutting-edge features tailored to evolving dental practice needs, and a swift onboarding process.

Access key features remotely on your phone anytime, anywhere, and experience the future of patient engagement and automation solutions with Leap.

This is just the beginning …

Over time, all the products and features you have come to know and love will make their way into Yapi Leap. Through a series of phased releases, current clients will have ample time to transition to our updated experience.

Within each phased release, you can expect a clean and modern visual overhaul and enhancements of existing products and features with new functionality introduced in tandem.

By moving all products into Leap, our team will be able to deliver more frequent updates with the quicker deployment of new product features and enhancements.

Exciting new features in Yapi Leap

Pending Forms

Send any patient form in advance via text or email, and all forms auto-import to your system with no additional clicks.

Simplified Form Editor

An easy drag-and-drop builder allows you to make any edits you need on your own, quickly or create a custom form from scratch.

Message Tracking

No need to play ‘guess who’ – easily see who from your office sent a patient text, replied, or sent an email.

Comprehensive Patient Profile

View medical alerts, medications, insurance, preferred pharmacy, emergency contact, appointments, and text/email history.

Block Scheduling

More online scheduling options are here to match your current scheduling methodology, including block scheduling

Form Tracking

View the progress of assigned patient forms like ‘not started’ or ‘in progress’ and manage provider signatures with ease.

Text Templates

Create and store your most common text message templates with placeholder fields for patient name and practice info.

More Mass Texting Options

More sort and filter criteria make it easy to communicate with the ideal patients at once. Personalize mass texts with patient names.

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