YAPI is Dentrix Connected

Did you know? YAPI is certified as a Dentrix Connected solution!

You can experience seamless integration and eliminate tedious data entry by combining YAPI with Dentrix.

Book a demo to speak with our experts and learn how YAPI can sync directly with your current dental practice management software. Make data entry a thing of the past!

See it for yourself! Here are some of the reasons you should consider YAPI …

Create a Paperless Practice with YAPI and Dentrix

YAPI will provide your dental practice with all the tools you’ll need to go completely paperless. With electronic forms that write back into Dentrix, you will be able to collect and submit all patient information digitally, leaving no room for human error and reducing any need for data entry. From patient intake and medical history to digital treatment planning and informed consents, printing paperwork is eliminated entirely!


Put New Patient Intake Forms Online

You can decrease in-office wait times and speed up the check-in process by providing all new patient intake forms online through your practice website and through personalized new patient welcome emails. All patient intake forms are mobile friendly and sync all information to your patients’ chart.

Dental Patient Health History Information, 01

Book More Patients in Dentrix with Online Scheduling

Now your dental practice can provide your new and existing patients the convenience of booking an appointment online with hassle-free technology that syncs in real-time to your Dentrix Appointment Book.

From automated recall scheduling – to attracting new patients, YAPI offers the most comprehensive system for Dentrix users for online appointment bookings!

Access Patient and Practice Data at a Glance

YAPI pulls important information about your patients from your Dentrix Database and displays this information on your very own dental dashboard. Right in front of your eyes, you’ll be able to make fast and easy decisions and be alerted about specific medical conditions and other important decisions that need to take place.

Remote Login, Makes Everything Easier

Speaking of accessing information at a glance, YAPI offers a remote online portal, giving designated team members the ability to access important practice information from anywhere. The online practice portal is safe, secure, and like all YAPI products, HIPAA Compliant. The best part is that the portal allows you follow up with ASAP and Care Call, as well as mass text all patients on a particular schedule.

Confirm and Update Patient Appointment Status – Automatically!

There’s no doubt your Office Manger will love using YAPI with Dentrix! 

YAPI gives your front office staff the ability to not only send appointment and recall reminders via tex and email, but will automatically sync confirmed appointments directly to your dentrix appointment book! How does it work?  This happens immediately once a patient replies with “C” to confirm their appointment via text or with a click on the “Confirm Appointment” button in their email.

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