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Does YAPI only work with iPads? How many will I need?

Our paperless features are supported on Apple iPads. iPads are the safest devices for protecting PHI and remaining HIPAA Compliant.

We recommend purchasing one iPad per full-time provider. We consider full-time providers to be dentists and hygienists who see at least eight patients per day.

We support iPad Air 2 and newer with any storage space. Regular screen sizes are recommended. If you want to review more about our compatibility please refer to this article, here.

Is YAPI HIPAA Compliant?

You can rest assured that with YAPI all patient information on our paperless forms, documents, dashboard, text correspondence, and portal, are safe, secure, and meet all rules and guidelines established by HIPAA. For all outgoing patient communication, YAPI also encrypts messages containing medical history information.  

To learn more about our HIPAA Compliance, click here.

Why do you have a setup and customization fee?

At YAPI our services include unlimited live training, support, customization, and access to our HelpCenter. We invest a great amount of time and effort into personalizing your set-up and implementation.

What Phone Systems does YAPI integrate with?

Currently our add-on feature, Phone Assistant, integrates with Mango Voice and RingCentral for VoIP phone systems. If you use either of these systems you can easily integrate Phone Assistant into your practice!

We also offer compatible options for analog phone systems. To learn more you can call us at 844-669-9274.

How long will it take to learn and use YAPI?

Overall, you can expect to become confident using all the features in 30 days or less.

It all starts with a Discovery Meeting, a 15-20 minute phone call with a YAPI Account Manager who will guide you on a path to success by reserving an ideal date/time for installation and various coaching sessions (45 minutes on average) for your dental team over the next few weeks. This experience is designed to help you and your team retain more knowledge instead of trying to learn too many features all at once.

All training and support are conducted remotely. If after this on-boarding period you feel you would benefit from more coaching, we will be here to help you!

What happens with YAPI when I upgrade my practice management software?

We will configure YAPI to the current version of your practice management software during your install. If you plan to update or upgrade to a newer version of your system, please let us know ahead of time so YAPI will match your new system settings.

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