Online Dental Review Requests

Online Review Requests

Send automated review requests to your dental patients, directing them to sites that matter like Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades. Make more quality reviews possible with YAPI InstaReview™.

Gain More Reviews for Your Dental Practice

InstaReview generates quality, authentic online reviews by automatically inviting your patients to leave reviews on the sites that matter, such as Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades. Patients get an automatic review request via text, with a link that allows them to post a review while they are still in your office or any time later.

YAPI InstaReview
Patient Feedback Collection

Encourage Private Negative Feedback 

For patients who may have had a less than ideal experience, they will be encouraged to relay any feedback directly with the practice. This feature helps collect feedback from patients privately and helps protect you from public negative reviews with any online review requests you send.

Quickly Grow Your Online Reputation 

Patients trust what reviewers have to say about your practice, more than they trust you. The more positive organic reviews you can collect, the more your positive word-of-mouth marketing will become.

Gain more Online Reviews


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