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Generate authentic 5-star reviews for your dental practice on the sites that matter most like Google and Facebook, with InstaReview™ by YAPI™.


Online reviews make a great impact on your practice and can be more useful in generating new patients than traditional marketing efforts. Many patients look online to find a dentist, and even more patients reported that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Having a lot of great online reviews also makes your practice more visible online as it increases your search ranking and clicks. The only problem is that it’s hard to get your real patients to write online reviews. YAPI™ solves this problem with apps that make it easy for your patients to brag about you online.

Turn Unhappy Patients Into Loyal Fans

The first step to managing your online reputation is to enable feedback collection. Regularly surveying your patients lets them know that you care about their experience and provides them with a venue to air their grievances.

With YAPI™, you will be able to automatically send customizable, mobile-friendly review requests at desired intervals. The feedback will come back to your office so that you can respond immediately. Because YAPI™ allows your patients to offer negative feedback privately, your team members can address problems quickly and avoid damaging public reviews.

Collect A Lot Of Great Reviews

YAPI™ generates quality, authentic online reviews by automatically inviting your patients to leave reviews on the sites that matter most, such as Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades. With YAPI™, your patients get an automatic review request via SMS with a link that allows them to post a review while they are still in your office or any time later.

YAPI™ also makes it easy for your patients to relate any negative experience directly with your practice. This feature helps collect feedback from patients, and it encourages any patient who may have had less than ideal experience to reach out to your practice and share their concerns privately.

Free eBook: The Dentist’s Guide to Online Reviews

Online Reviews can make or break your practice’s reputation! Download our free eBook, authored by YAPI Co-Founder, Dr. Gina Dorfman. Learn what you can do to build and protect your online reputation!

Let Your Reviews Go Viral

Take your word-of-mouth marketing to another level as you leverage the power of social proof and Facebook. With YAPI™, your patients can post positive feedback directly to your Facebook Timeline. Every review has the potential of reaching all of your existing patients and their friends.

As people share it, comment on it, or like it, your reviews have the ability to go viral and attract many visitors to your site. It will help raise confidence, create a buzz and curiosity within your current patients and draw the attention of their friends and everyone connected with them.

Within a month of opening Clearwater Dentistry, we were able to obtain over 15 five-star Google reviews and nearly 10 five-star Facebook reviews! New patients are now finding their dentists online more than ever, and these reviews are very helpful in growing the practice!

YAPI is a practice management software on steroids. Instead of having several different practice management integrations, YAPI is a one stop shop at a very, very reasonable price. And their customer service is amazing – they have always answered any questions I’ve ever had quickly.

Dr Joshua Wyatt

South Tampa Dentistry

I have had YAPI since I opened my practice about 2 years ago. Before that, I had practiced in a variety of capacities, including the Army, private practice and corporate dentistry. YAPI is one of those products that I feel I really could not run my practice without!!!!

Online Reviews have helped us garner about 30 reviews since it was started. And the customer service is top notch.

Dr. Melanie Gritz Bond

Parkland Pediatric Dentistry

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