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Dental Office Messaging System

Keep your dental team connected discreetly in real-time while discussing patient treatment with your very own dental office messaging system. You’ll have all the tools needed to create a better patient handoff and effective intra-office communication.

Improve Intra-office Communication

Get debriefed! Don’t ever walk into an operatory unprepared! Don’t let your hygienist or assistant spend valuable time hovering around waiting to pass on relevant information about your patient. With Operatory Alerts, your team members can summon you to any room and fill you in discretely on what you need to know before you see the patient.

YAPI, Intra-office Messaging
Color Coded Pop-up Message

Color-coded Pop-up Messages

Stay in continuous contact with one another via color-coded pop-up messages with optional audible alerts. You can send a message to summon a provider to an operatory, announce last minute changes on the schedule or communicate important information about your patient. Messages can be broadcasted to every desktop computer or device in the office or sent to a particular provider or specific location. These communications are immediate, discrete, and secure.

Summon a Provider 

Make the most of YAPI and Intra-office Messaging by connecting your smartwatch or personal phone to YAPI. You’ll be summoned when needed and can quickly reply back. You’ll appreciate the added convenience with no distraction.

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Our Favorite Features

You will love these great features you’ll get with YAPI Intra-office Messenger!

Quick Messages

Each team member in your practice can easily set up their own library of their most common used replies, easing communication and saving even more time!

Communication Log

You won’t have to worry about missing any important messages while you are away. The communication log records and time stamps all messages to a message board for reference.

Fast Syncing with PMS

Unlike many other systems, YAPI Intra-office Chat pulls actual patient data directly from the PMS, allowing your team to make more action based decisions for each patient.

Privacy Shields

For computers in workstations where patients are present, you can easily toggle between a privacy shield in addition to sending messages discreetly.

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