YAPI™ and RingCentral™ 

YAPI is a premier partner of RingCentral, an innovative cloud-based VoIP Phone System. Together, YAPI and RingCentral add more automation to your dental practice and will enhance the care you provide your patients!

Stop Searching. Start Seeing. 

YAPI Phone Assistant integrates with RingCentral, helping your practice identify patient callers of record. All incoming caller Ids with patient information are matched automatically to YAPI. In real-time, your practice will have access to a desktop pop-up window containing relevant information about the patient who is calling.

With YAPI Phone Assistant, you’ll reduce human error, provide better service over the phone, and catch relevant information that frequently goes unnoticed.

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YAPI Phone Assistant

Qualify for Special Pricing 

You could qualify for special pricing with YAPI if you are currently using RingCentral or are in the process of using them as your VoIP service provider.

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