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Dental Appointment Reminders & recall 

Take great care of your patients and grow your practice with YAPI Patient Engagement. From automated dental appointment reminders and recall to patient marketing, you have all the tools you’ll need to reach your dental patients.

Send Automatic Personalized Communications to Dental Patients

Take your patient communication to an entirely new level. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of non-invasive communications customized to their preference. With e-mail, text messages, and postcard appointment and continuous care reminders, YAPI gets in touch with your patients the way they like to be contacted.

YAPI Patient Engagement
Two-way Dental Texting

Text Your Dental Patients in Real-Time From Your Computer

Your patients will never feel like just another name in your database. YAPI allows your patients to text back and forth with your practice in real-time via two-way messaging and your team members can respond directly from their desktop computer. Whether they are running late or need to change their appointment, patients love the personal touch and the ease of communicating with a live person in your practice.

Reduce No-Shows and Last-Minute Cancellations

Put an end to broken appointments with automated, personalized appointment reminders and confirmations.

Send on-demand text messages right from your desktop to notify patients on your ASAP list of available openings when the schedule falls apart.

Dental Patient Engagement
Dental Recall Automated Text Message

Reactivate Past-Due Patients 

Automate your continuous care and reactivation efforts with our Recall Manager. YAPI searches your database daily to locate any unscheduled patients who are either due or past due for hygiene appointments and automatically invites them to return with a sequence of customizable messages and reminders.


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Why You’ll Love YAPI Patient Engagement

Here are just some of our favorite features that set us apart.

Text from Any Desktop 

You and your team can reply to any texts from a patient in real-time from any computer in your practice. The best part is that there are no logins or portals. You can reply directly from a convenient pop-up message.

Spanish Reminders

With YAPI Spanish Reminders, your Spanish-speaking patients will not only remember their appointment; they will feel appreciative that you go out of your way to serve their needs.

Tap for More Info

Appointment Reminders sent via text contain a special “Tap for More Info” link. This link is a microsite where patients can view their upcoming appointment details, any upcoming family appointments, your office policies, and any other information you’d like to provide.

No Logins or Portals

With YAPI Patient Engagement you won’t have to worry about the hassle of any portals or login. You can easily and conveniently access all the features you need directly from any desktop computer that runs YAPI.

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