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Take great care of your patients and grow your practice with YAPI Patient Engagement. From automated appointment reminders and recall to dental marketing. You will remain in constant communication with your patients!

Reclaim your day! Save more time and say goodbye to the mundane tasks that hold you back. With automated appointment confirmation and continuous care reminders, your team members will have more time to take great care of patients and grow your practice.

Feature Highlights


Appointment Reminders

Remind your patients about their upcoming appointments with personalized, customizable, and automated email, text and postcard appointment reminders according to their communication preference.

Automated Confirmations

Patient reply with C, OK, or Confirmed to a text message or click the confirmation link in the email and appointments are automatically marked confirmed in your practice management software.

Recall Manager

Triggers a personalized, automated sequence of communication to bring your inactive patients back to the practice. Generates a list of unresponsive patients to help you get in touch with them quickly.

Practice Nanosite

High-impact, high-engagement mobile nanosite with social media sharing capabilities delivers useful information to patients and helps promote your practice.

Custom Schedule

You have complete control! Set your custom communication schedule and restrict certain days or times you don’t want the messages to go out.

Mobile Number Detection

Your patients will get your text message no matter where you entered their phone number.

Responsive Design

Email templates optimized for mobile display ensure that your message looks great on all phones and tablets.

Customizable Templates

Choose from our library of customizable designs or create your templates with our easy to use built-in template designer.

Family Messages

Families get one confirmation message and confirm all of their appointments with a single click.

True Two-Way Text

Chat with patients from your desktop computer as if you were texting from a mobile phone. As messages pop up on your screen, reply and connect in real time.

Personalized Messages

Make your messages more compelling by adding your team member’s name or insert an emoji to make them look like they are coming from a person, not a robot.

Early Arrival Reminders

Reminders can be sent with an earlier arrival time to make sure that frequently late patients or new patients get there on time.

Message History

Communication log lets you easily view your communication history with each patient.

Calendar Integration

Patients can quickly add new appointments from your reminders to their calendars on various platforms.

Virtual Receptionist

Patients can check their upcoming appointments even when you are not there and get and immediate reply.

Send Personalized Communications 

Take your patient communication to an entirely new level. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of non-invasive communications customized to their preference. With e-mail, text messages, and postcard appointment and continuous care reminders, YAPI™ gets in touch with your patients the way they like to be contacted.

Create Stronger Connections

With YAPI™, your patients will never feel like just another name in your database. YAPI™ allows your patients to text back and forth with your practice in real-time via two-way messaging and your team members can respond directly from their desktop computer. Whether they are running late or need to change their appointment, patients love the personal touch and the ease of communicating with a live person in your practice.

Reduce No Shows

Put an end to broken appointments with automated, personalized appointment reminders and confirmation. Confirmation status is automatically updated in your practice management software.

Quickly Fill Last Minute Cancellations

Send on-demand text messages right from your desktop to notify patients on your ASAP list of available openings when the schedule falls apart. Your patients will enjoy the convenience and appreciate that you make an effort to give them the exact appointment time they want.

Bring Your Patients Back

Automate your continuous care and reactivation efforts with our Recall Manager. YAPI™ searches your database daily to locate any unscheduled patients who are either due or past due for hygiene appointments and automatically invites them to return with a sequence of customizable messages and reminders.

Catch Your Unresponsive Patients

Reach 100% of your patients by easily identifying your unresponsive patients and reaching out to them personally. Easily manage who you follow up with and when. Quickly generate up-to-date lists of patients who received automated messages and didn’t schedule. Review their message history and get in touch.

Build Lasting Relationships

Consistent communication is the key to maintaining enduring relationships with your patients. With YAPI™, you can stay top of mind with your patients via personalized seasonal greetings, birthday wishes, and preventive care reminders. You can also promote your practice with announcements about new services and special offers. Whether you want to engage your patients, encourage healthy behavior, fill your schedule or reactivate lost patients, you can quickly create targeted marketing campaigns to fit your specific needs.

Delight Your Patients And Market Your Practice

Deliver helpful information to your patients via a customizable, interactive nanosite. Within multiple content tabs, your nanosite can host information about your location, map, directions, contact, website, and your office policies. Include any promotional information about your practice or services.

Communicate in Spanish

With YAPI Spanish Reminders, your Spanish-speaking patients will not only remember their appointment; they will feel appreciative that you go out of your way to serve their needs.

Free eBook: The Science of Appointment Control

While there’s no magic formula to prevent all cancellations in a dental practice, there are proven methods to help reduce them! This eBook will help you with effective, proven ways, to reduce those pesky no-shows!

I found that YAPI is VERY robust with many useful features.Appointment reminders and the true two-way text has been huge for my front office team. The recall system has already paid for itself in getting folks who had slipped through the cracks back in.

Overall, YAPI streamlines so much of our intra-office communication in the practice that it frees everyone to focus more on their job and the patients. I wish I would have used this from the get-go when I started my first office.

Matthew Standridge, DDS, FAGD

Yates Center Dental

Our practice is growing very quickly. I opened my startup with myself and 2 full time, cross-trained employees. Now, 10 months later, we grew to 5 employees and have been interviewing for an associate. Luckily, YAPI makes our daily tasks quick and efficient. YAPI saves us so much time due to the automation of appointment confirmations, digital signatures on treatment forms and consent forms along with all of the other daily minutia that staff really hate. In short, YAPI keeps my staff happy by continuing to make their jobs easy and productive which makes my job easy and productive.

Colin Lathrop, DDS

Lathrop Dental Center

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