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I love working for YAPI because I enjoy the interactions with the customers, with my co-workers, and being in a fun, positive atmosphere. It’s great being able to communicate with people from all different walks of life, problem solving and learning something new every single day. I love helping customers with their billing questions and leaving them more satisfied than when they originally called. All while helping promote a great and innovative product for dental offices across the globe!


Billing Department

Coming from an intense start-up culture at my previous company, I must say I feel right at home at YAPI! From Day 1, there’s been this amazingly collaborative environment that consistently leads to positive change. Management here feels more like caring siblings than anything which shows in the way they invest in people. Also, I especially love the social and environmental consciousness of the founders. 



Technical Support

My favorite part of working at YAPI is definitely the environment. Because the company is evolving to meet new demands, it allows for the roles to constantly evolve. We’re all able to take on new roles and responsibilities and help tackle new unexpected issues that arise. Coming from a corporate background, I often felt like a small cog in a large wheel but working here, I feel like I truly get to contribute to the growth of the company and I’m able to see my impact daily.


Admin Assistant

YAPI has been a wonderful company to be a part of. Everyday brings new tasks and responsibilities. No two days are ever alike for me, that’s what I love about working here. Over the two and a half years I have been with YAPI, I’ve grown immensely. Not just professionally, but as an individual. Many of my co-workers have become some of my closest friends, something that I never anticipated, but has been a very nice addition in working here. 



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