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Behind The Smiles Podcast with Justin Morgan

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Behind the Smiles, Podcast

Marketing and SEO Guru. Web Designer. Central Coast Native of California. Trainer and Leader. This is his story … 

Out of all the clients I had been working with at the time, the ones I enjoyed the most were dentists. I decided to cater my website and SEO services to one specific industry, so I chose dentistry.I remember going to a few dental clients of mine, telling them that I was going to specialize in dental marketing. I told them I was going to do everything I could to help them go above and beyond with their websites and SEO. I don’t think that at first any of them took me very seriously, but fortunately, the pieces came together.

I chose this line of work after attending law school for a few years and realizing it wasn’t for me. I thought criminal law would have a positive impact and give me the assurance of “doing good”, but it ended up being a negative environment for me, so I decided to leave and pursue web design full-time.

I had been designing small $200-$500 websites while I was in law school. It was a way for me to pay for tuition. I taught myself and learned as I went. Eventually, that’s how I came to learn about SEO and realized just how crucial of a role it plays in the whole marketing / web-design process.

Websites are a checkbox item for a lot of dentists. As crucial as they are, without the right SEO, they are not doing anyone any good. Once I realized how important SEO was and how poorly it was being utilized in the dental world, I found my niche to focus on. My business really took off once I started offering these services to my clients and eventually I became known as The Dental Marketing Guy.

When it comes to marketing in the dental industry there are two parts to it. First, there’s the part of knowing the industry, understanding dentistry. Second, there’s the part that has nothing to do with dentistry at all, knowing the right SEO and web design. The dental industry is far behind in both web design and SEO, it’s actually pretty bad! No one teaches in dental school how to market your future practice. In the eight years of schooling, no one goes through a course in SEO.

That’s why I have started my own course for dentists, which coincidentally, is almost ready to launch. What it’s designed to do is to teach dentists what they should know before hiring a company to manage their SEO. The main problem I run into is that a lot of dentists don’t know what to ask and look for and just go in blindly with any agency. That’s why I have prepared this course, to teach and educate dentists. My course isn’t a sales pitch, it’s simply helping them structure best practices that they can implement on their own.

Dental Marketing for me has become my “feel good” job. The ability to get along well with my clients and provide them with a high ROI has been very rewarding.


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More about Justin:
Justin L. Morgan is the creator of the first and only SEO course for dentists, known as “The Invisalinks Method.” Justin has earned links from places such as Dentistry IQ, Dentistry Today, Dental Products Report, Entrepreneur.com, CIO.com, Desk.com Salesforce.com, and numerous others thought leadership media outlets.

Justin is different from other SEO experts. Justin believes that it’s his responsibility to help you understand what you’re getting from your dental marketing campaign. As someone that teaches SEO to dentists and the marketing companies he hires, Justin ranks #1 on Google for “dental SEO expert.” Justin helps dentists all over the country rank highly for the most competitive keywords on Google, tying SEO efforts to actual production.