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Behind The Smiles Podcast with Dr. Chris Phelps

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Behind the Smiles, Podcast

In this special 2-part episode, Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews and chats with Dr. Chris Phelps. Chris Phelps, DMD, CMCT works with professionals across the country in identifying their marketing hurdles and showing them how to succeed and grow in an otherwise tough, competitive economy.

Here are a few highlights from this Podcast episode: 

Dr. Chris Phelps: You know what? I think we struggle with delegating because we’re unsure of who to delegate things to. Our ideas can make great concepts, right? But when we put our ideas on another person’s plate, how do we really know if that specific person in our mind is the right fit for implementing that idea? … It really wasn’t until, for me, I stumbled upon the Kolbe concept, that I really understood what I should delegate to one person versus the other.

Dr. Gina Dorfman: You were the one who introduced me to Kolbe about maybe four or five years ago. I had never heard of it before. And what surprised me was how accurate it was when I took the test! But what also really surprised me is when I took the test,  all of a sudden I understood everything about myself, like the reasons why I’ve always done certain things a specific way in my life and why.


Dr. Chris Phelps: Through my call tracking business, CallTracker ROI, I have a unique position in which I get to see a lot of data about dentists and their marketing. I see who they they’re using in marketing and see what they’re getting results wise. One of the big challenges I found is that the average office doesn’t answer about a third of their new patient phone calls.

Dr. Gina Dorfman: That’s just mind blowing!

Dr. Chris Phelps: And that’s for those spending $2,000 or less in marketing per month. Meaning even if you’re not spending anything, you’re still missing calls during business hours. 


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