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How to Train Your Dental Office Team to Go Paperless?

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Paperless Dental Office

Adopting new technology and learning new workflows is not always intuitive.

Every technology and software introduce learning curves. Training your team will help level any learning curves and ensure successful implementation when transitioning to a paperless dental office.

The following article is an excerpt from YAPI’s most recent eBook, “Your Journey to a Paperless Practice.”

Provide ample training to your employees.

Consider hiring a trainer, enrolling your team in online courses, and watch training videos or webinars. It’s important to train early and allocate sufficient time for training. If your team starts using the technology and too much time elapses before everyone receives adequate training, there is a high chance that employees may give up on the new technology due to frustration over how to use it.

Another possibility is that they will get just semi-comfortable. They may get the basic functionality down and use it but still miss out on many other features that can save time and enhance productivity. Every member of the team must be trained, including the dentist. For a practice to adopt new technology, all members of the team must be comfortable with using your software. Start by teaching the essential software features to each job description and build up to more advanced features.

Identify a few technology-savvy “Super Users” in your practice.

Appoint “Super Users” who will be responsible for providing tips and shortcuts to the rest of the team and train your new hires.

Consider making learning fun. Experimenting with gamification and rewarding the behavior you want to see is a good way to motivate and engage people. Remember, learning is not done when the course concludes. Follow-up training is key to success. Schedule a follow-up training 60 days after the initial launch. Annual refresher training is also necessary to advance skills and master new features. Make technology training a part of your new employee onboarding.