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Ditch the Ink and Toners for a Happy Environment

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Paperless Dental Office

For decades, most of us have been aware of the major impact we have had on our environment. Despite our self-awareness, are we taking the proper action to improve our planet? 

If you run or work in a dental practice and still print patient forms, routing slips, and treatment plans, you are relying on a lot of ink and toner! These materials are harming our environment. Do we have to rely on such materials? Or is this just out of habit from an old way of doing things? 


The Truth Hurts 

Here are some shocking statistics about ink and toner: 

  • In just one second, eleven ink cartridges are thrown away. 
  • One million ink cartridges are thrown out per day. 
  • It takes anywhere from 450 – 1000 years for ink cartridges to decompose. 
  • Cancerous toxins and other harmful chemicals are found in ink cartridges. 
  • Seventy percent of ink cartridges are still not recycled. 
  • Many ink cartridges end up in landfills where animals can mistake them for food. 

It’s clear to see that ink and toner have had quite a horrible impact on our environment and our ecosystem. Are we ready to be advocates for change? Or will we keep going on throughout the day printing out our routing slips? The choice is ours. 


Create a New Way of Doing Things 

Rarely does change happen overnight, but it can be implemented in small steps that eventually will make a difference. It is feasible to go paperless in your dental practice. Not only could you greatly reduce your consumption of paper, your use for ink and toner would practically go extinct. 

Implementing dental software that automates paper workflow is not only a game-changer for our environment, but impressive and efficient for your patients. 


YAPI – Implementers of Change

Since 2011 YAPI has been helping the environment and dental practices by eliminating time-consuming tasks such as filing, printing, scanning, and shredding paper documents. In fact, YAPI was one of the first innovators in the dental industry to create paperless forms. 

Our software makes a positive impact on the environment all while reducing stress and busy-work for dental practices. It’s a win-win all around. If you would like to learn more about YAPI you can speak with a sales associate by calling us at (844) 669-9274 or by scheduling a demo of our software. 

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