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The Ongoing Battle of Managing Multiple Software Applications

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Dental Practice Management, Technology

We are well aware of the fact that when it comes to our practice management software, while it’s efficient, it has its limitations. That’s why a vast majority of dental practices invest time, money, and energy into adding additional software applications in hopes of making their practices run smoother and their lives easier. But do they make life easier in the practice, or do they add more stress and chaos into the mix? 

If you are struggling with your practice management software and looking to automate more tasks, you have probably been searching the web for help. Maybe that’s how you ended up here, reading this article! 

Before you dive too deep into your market research and start to compare and contrast software and costs, here are some tips to consider beforehand! 


Tip #1: Be Mindful Of Your Team’s Time 

Many dental practices invest not just their hard-earned money but their team’s time into implementing new software. The more software you implement, the more training and time is needed for your practice to adapt. Take this into consideration before you dive too deep into investing in multiple applications and services, especially all at once. 

You also don’t want to burn your team out. They are the most valuable asset to your practice and your practice! If your team is pulled into continuous training sessions and stuck on too many support calls, you may be pulling them too far away from what your mission is. Your team’s energy and time spent will directly affect the results of your practice. 

In the wise words of the dental consultant legend, Sandy Pardue, “Good leaders are constantly monitoring results. Results are what we are all working for. Without good results, we could just stay home.” 


Tip #2: Avoid Overlapping 

Costs add up! We know this from all of our streaming service subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV…where do the subscriptions end?!) All the more reason to ensure that you are utilizing each service to its fullest. 

If you are using one system for automating appointment reminders and recall, and another system that may do the same thing but is comprehensive and has other features, take full advantage of the comprehensive system instead and ditch the other! 

While that may seem like the obvious choice, you’d be surprised how many dental offices we have chatted with throughout the years who stumble upon managing too many software services. They are trying to combine platforms that were never designed to work together. While their intent with automation is to reduce busywork and provide more technology to their patients, they’ve just created more chaos in their practices.

Tip #3: Transform Your Dental Practice – with YAPI 

Okay, this last tip may seem a bit biased, but YAPI was created with an end goal in mind, to make dentistry and life easier with an all-in-one solution!

Over nine years ago, our Co-founder and COO of YAPI, Dr. Gina Dorfman, grew tired of the countless number of software applications she was using to help automate work in her practice. She started to conceptualize how efficient her practice could run if she had just one single platform that could sync and automate the tasks her PMS simply could not.

Fast forward to today, YAPI has become that platform not only for Dr. Gina Dorfman but  for thousands of other dentists. YAPI is powerful automation software that does everything from eliminating all printing and shredding in your office to automating appointment reminders and recall. 

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