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Improve Your Online Visibility and Attract More Dental Patients

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Dental Office Marketing, Online Visibility


In a modern digital world, patients expect convenient technology across all industries. As a dentist, this means that having a website that’s well-designed, mobile-friendly, and fast-loading is table stakes—it determines whether you sink or swim when it comes to new patient acquisition. Furthermore, having a robust online presence and high-performing website are essential for search rankings.

In fact, recent studies show that more than 77 percent of the US population uses some type of search engine to locate a new healthcare provider. So whether you are a private practice in rural South Dakota or run and operate multiple office locations in New York City, one thing is sure—you better have a great dental website!

Of course, having a good website and searching ranking also play a vital role in the overall patient experience. If your practice is easy to find, the website easy to navigate, and making an appointment is seamless, you can bet you’ll stand out from the competition.


Pay Attention to Your Website Ranking

Gone are the days of simply throwing a website together and checking it off the list as “done.” In 2021 new and existing patients won’t give a practice website the time of day unless it loads quickly, is mobile responsive, and is easy to navigate.

Google in particular plays a significant role in whether your site is found by potential patients. Consider: every day, more than 5.6 billion searches are conducted on Google. That’s a lot of traffic! However, your website must meet Google’s Page Speed requirements to rank well for desktop and mobile searches. Indeed, sites that are optimized for Google will always be favored and prioritized in Google Search over sites that are not.

Pro Tip: Want to know how fast your site loads according to Google? Visit Google’s PageSpeed insights, copy and paste in your URL, and run a free test. You’ll see two results you can toggle through, a Mobile Page Speed Test and a Desktop Page Speed Test. In addition to ranking website speed, the site also provides suggestions on ways you can improve your site’s loading speed.


Trust The Digital Professionals

Aside from ranking well in Google, there are other additional requirements that any dental website needs to meet. Good SEO with high-ranking keywords, fast-loading pages, and images that load fast – not slow, are just some, to name a few.

If the thought of coming up with an SEO strategy for your website is stressing you out, don’t worry! Trusted web developers and agencies are always available to help—an approach we highly endorse at YAPI!

A Trusted Partner of YAPI – Great Dental Websites 

On July 29th, Great Dental Websites announced its formal partnership with YAPI


Since 2007, Great Dental Websites has provided web design and digital marketing services to the dental industry. Their business model and operations focus on creating unique, well-designed modern dental websites proven to attract new patients. They focus not only on great design but on optimization and speed as well. Their motto is, “You’ll never have to worry about keeping your website up to date. Free your time up to work on what mattersyour patients.” 


By using web design provided by Great Dental Websites and online products from YAPI such as Smart Scheduling for Online Bookings, True Paperless for Online Forms, and InstaReview for Online Review requests, dental practices will be well equipped with a more substantial online presence across the board. This can help them promote higher user engagement and better patient acquisition. 

Use Online Reviews to Turbocharge Online Bookings

In addition to creating a new website or improving an older one, your practice should focus on building a solid online reputation by garnering positive, online reviews to generate and attract more new patients. Online reviews can not only establish trust and credibility but encourage prequalified, potential new patients to take further action, such as booking an appointment on your website!

We recommend having an established presence on online review platforms such as Google My Business and Yelp!

Consider This Data: Practicing Dentist and CEO of YAPI, Dr. Gina Dorfman, has over 375 organic reviews on her dental practice’s Yelp! listing. Each month on average, 30 new visitors come to her website simply by clicking on the web link on her listing. And after numerous audits, our data show that people referred to her site from Yelp! are not only staying on her site longer than other referrals but that traffic is the highest converting for new patient acquisition.

And with online review platforms, such as InstaReview by YAPI, dental practices can send their happiest patients an automated text asking them to leave a review on their favorite online review platforms, such as Google, Yelp!, or Healthgrades.

Furthermore, you can capitalize on the benefits of positive reviews by offering an online booking system such as Smart Scheduling by YAPI. The chances are high that if a potential new patient is impressed by your reviews and visits your website, they’re ready to book an appointment! All the more reason to be prepared with the right online tools to book more patients and to grow your practice. In fact, using a booking system such as Smart Scheduling also gives you access to a library of paperless new patient forms and the ability to send automated text and email appointment reminders.



Want to get started? Our new partner Great Dental Websites can help you optimize and market your website. Used in combination with YAPI’s paperless automation and online booking, your dental practice will be unstoppable!