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How to Attract 30+ New Patients Per Month in Under 10 Minutes Per Day

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Dental Office Marketing, New Clients

Search engine optimization isn’t something taught in dental school, which is why I’ve taken it upon myself to teach it in a dental SEO course.

But if you’re like most dentists, SEO isn’t your favorite past time. And here’s why:

SEO is confusing. It’s mysterious. It’s highly technical. And it’s really not a sexy subject, especially for a dentist who just wants to do great clinical work.

And I get it. CEREC is fun and exciting. Laser dentistry is engaging. Specialty dental services is the name of the dental game.

But being at the top of Google can really help you attract patients who are interested in learning more about CEREC, laser dentistry, and all that you’re most passionate about.



Simply put, if I could show you a simple, effective, non-technical way to boost your rankings on Google, attracting 30+ new patients per month, would you be interested?

If so, here’s your SEO cheatsheet:

Find platforms to publish on. Find publications (like the one you’re reading right now) who will allow you to post an article or blog post on a topic that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about. For instance, Hansen of Apex, North Carolina was able to get mentioned in this article about his family background and why he chose to become a dentist. Being mentioned in your own articles is much easier than relying on other people to mention you in their articles, so becoming a publisher on reputable platforms such as YAPI can prove useful in boosting your SEO.

Find influencers who are already publishing. Don’t want to write your own content? No problem! Team up with some people who are already publishing. In my “Invisalinks Method SEO Course,” we have a fb group committed to supporting each other’s articles, by creating content that backs up bold statements, research findings, and strong opinions with evidence. The simplest form this takes is in providing a quote from you. For instance, Callahan, a pediatric dentist in Colorado Springs tells us “I’m a doctor. I’m not trying to be a marketing company. My clinical skills and patient experience are my main concern. While it might be nice to publish thought leadership pieces all over the internet, I’d prefer to allow a dental marketing consultant to facilitate this for me. That way, I can focus on what I do best, without having to worry about SEO.” By joining a support group, you can support influencer’s articles. This allows you to earn links to your dental website, which is proven to boost your rankings and new patient flow.



Create content that matches searcher intent. Not sure what to write about? Think of the FAQs you receive chairside. Provide insights that will help educate prospective (and current) dental patients on the topic they’re asking about most often, such as whether or not you need your wisdom teeth removed. When the content on your website matches the answers people are looking for chairside, you’re much more likely to stay at the top of search results, once you arrive. Even if you feel you have very little to teach the public (who doesn’t want to get highly technical), you can always provide real patient testimonials that address your patient’s questions and concerns. Testimonials are the opposite of treatment planning objections.

By following these 3 guidelines, you’re well on your way to attracting many new dental patients. The great thing about the Invisalinks Method (my style of SEO explained in my SEO course), is that it works fairly quickly in lower competition areas. And it’s also proven to be very effective in larger metropolis areas areas. The secret to the Invisalinks Method is to provide links that are invisible to many, but align with those that need the guidance.


In other words, support what other dental professionals are doing and saying, and you’ll find your dental website being supported and promoted by Google.


By Justin Morgan






Justin Morgan is an SEO expert and the creator of the Invisalinks Method, a step by step SEO process that is proven to rank dental websites in the most competitive areas on the planet. Justin can be found with a quick Google search for “dental SEO course.”


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