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3 Best Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Dental Appointment Scheduling

Best Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

Manual dental appointment scheduling is tedious and time-consuming. It requires the receptionist or office manager to manually book appointments and remember when each patient is due for their next visit. It is error-prone and increases the staff workload too.

Dental appointment scheduling software can reduce the challenges by automating manual appointment scheduling processes. Your office can use it to set up custom customer reminders that help reduce cancellation rates and minimize any potential no-shows. 

Additionally, dental scheduling software often has reporting capabilities that allow practices to keep track of their performance over time and make data-driven decisions about improving the scheduling process.  

This article will discuss how appointment scheduling software can help improve the efficiency of your dental practice and ensure a better customer experience. We will also provide tips on choosing the right software for your practice.  

Finally, we will review three of the top dental appointment scheduling solutions available in the market today.

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What is Dental Appointment Scheduling Software?

Dental appointment scheduling software is an automated system that helps dental practices streamline the process of booking and managing appointments for their patients.  

The software can help to reduce manual errors, improve patient engagement and satisfaction, and increase efficiency by automating tasks such as appointment reminders and follow-up notifications. 

Research by DentaVox shows that 79% of dental patients prefer booking appointments online using software instead of phone calls. 

Therefore, using software to manage appointments and communication improves the patient experience.  

It can also be used for time-consuming functionalities like surveys, reminders, and recalls. Automating these repetitive tasks helps you increase the productivity of your dental practice.  

Additionally, studies suggest using the preferred reminder method of your dental patients can reduce the no-show rate by up to 1.9% driving more revenue for your dental practice.

5 Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software for Dental Offices

Streamlining the dental appointment booking process makes it easier for staff and patients to manage appointments, reduces wait times, and increases treatment efficiency. Software for dental appointment scheduling is an excellent way to streamline dental office processes. 

With the right software, you can take patient booking and appointment management to the next level. It will help achieve improved efficiency, cost savings, and better customer service. 

Using software for appointment scheduling has several benefits for both practices and patients: 

1. Enhanced Patient Experience

According to a study by DataVox, 52% of patients who have booked a dental appointment online think it saves time. 

In comparison, 79% of patients say online booking is better than calling. Using scheduling software for dental appointments makes it easier for patients to book appointments quickly and conveniently.  

It improves the overall patient experience by minimizing confusion or frustration related to appointment scheduling. You can send automated reminders about upcoming patient appointments while they can easily reschedule or cancel their appointments if needed.

2. Increased Office Efficiency 

Using dental scheduling software eliminates manual efforts like filling out paperwork, tracking appointments, or responding to inquiries. Automating appointment reminders, follow-ups, and billing tasks can help reduce costs while freeing up staff time.  

In response to a survey by Dentally, 82% of dental practitioners agreed that using technology helps them deliver quality patient care.  

Access to real-time data allows dentists to prepare for the next patient’s treatment plan. It enables patients to view their upcoming appointments, pay bills online quickly, or request a slot from any device at any time. 

3. Reduced Patient Wait Times

Well-scheduled appointments enable dentists to speed up their patient check-in and wait times.  

With automated appointment scheduling, dentists have patient information beforehand and can be prepared for the treatment before the patient arrives. 

It allows minimal disruption, and patients can quickly be directed to the treatment chair upon arrival.  

Research shows patients with shorter wait times are more satisfied with the services offered.

4. Improved Patient Engagement

Patients enjoy convenience and transparency while interacting with their dentist. Automated appointment scheduling encourages patients to self-schedule dental appointments and opt for reminders of upcoming appointments.  

Studies demonstrate that patients are more likely to turn up on self-scheduled appointments. When followed up with automated text confirmations, no-show rates of dental patients were reduced by 17%.

Communication between dentists and patients is made easier through appointment scheduling software.  

Patients can also leave online reviews after each visit, which helps provide feedback about services offered at the dental practice.

5. Increased Revenue Potential

Automated appointment scheduling can help increase the number of dental patients being attended to each day and help dental offices to maximize their revenue potential.  

The software may also include mass email communication allowing to send out special offers, discounts, and promotions to attract more customers. It is an effective way of increasing patient loyalty while improving the overall turnover for the practice. 

Keeping up with industry trends helps you stay ahead of competitors by offering higher patient service levels. 

Automated appointment scheduling technology is essential for an organized and efficient dental practice. 

How to Pick the Best Dental Appointment Scheduling Software for Your Practice?

As a dental practitioner, you need to maximize efficiency and productivity, so your practice can thrive. Specialized appointment scheduling software is the key to unlocking these goals. 

It streamlines booking processes for smooth workflows and an optimized schedule, plus allows customizable settings specifically tailored to meet your business needs. 

Here are a few points to consider when transitioning from manual scheduling to software-based appointment booking:

Ease of Use

Dental software must be easy for your staff and patients. Intuitive user interfaces, simple navigation, and real-time updates are essential for a smoother booking process. It will allow your team to enroll new patients and update records of existing ones quickly.  

Patients must be able to navigate the software easily and must be able to book an appointment or check the status of their existing appointments. 

The software must enable patients to quickly book appointments with their preferred dentist while also allowing staff to view and manage existing bookings. It should also provide features such as automated reminders and notifications to keep your patients informed and up-to-date.   

Customer Support

Customer support should also be a priority, as it helps ensure that patients and dental office staff have the necessary information and assistance to book appointments.  

The software must provide online help resources such as live chat, phone, and email support. It will be easier for your team to respond quickly to patient inquiries and resolve any issues that may arise during the booking process. 

Product Flexibility

The software must be flexible enough to suit your dental clinic’s unique needs. It should provide customizable options such as automated appointment reminders, relevant reports, and the ability to control how far in advance you allow booking for specific treatments. 

Patients must be able to book appointments outside of regular office hours. The software must be device agnostic, i.e., it must work seamlessly on mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and other devices your patients may wish to use. 


The software must be cost-effective, so your business can save money on recurring costs and extra features. The cost of appointment scheduling software can vary depending on the features you need and the size of your dental practice.  

Software offering basic functions for smaller teams may be available for free or at a minimal cost. You can opt for a paid or premium version as your practice grows. 

When choosing a scheduling software, consider the additional costs such as installation, customizations, or integration fees that may accompany it.  

The software may also be bundled with other valuable features like electronic new patient intake forms and allow you to consolidate systems. 

HIPAA Compliance

The appointment scheduling software must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This federal law sets standards for the privacy of patient data, including electronically stored information.  

HIPAA compliance is crucial for dental offices that collect and store Electronic Health Records (EHRs) because these documents contain sensitive patient information. 

HIPAA-compliant software must have security measures to protect patient data from unauthorized access or disclosure. It must secure PHI through passwords, use encryption to transmit data and provide audit trails of user activities.  

Ensure a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is signed with the software vendor. They should also be able to provide incident reports for any security breaches and have a data backup plan in place.  


The software must support integration with existing Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. It should ensure that patient information is accurately shared while minimizing human error. You can eliminate manual data entry efforts. 

The appointment booking system must also integrate with various scheduling options, including automated appointment reminders and calendar synchronization. It will give you a clear view of your schedule and make it easier to keep track of patient appointment times, availability, and resources.

3 Best Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

A dental scheduling software allows customers to check dentist availability and book a slot quickly. Dental practitioners can automate patient communication as per their custom preferences, maintain their appointment calendars, and access advanced analytics to measure performance.

You must pick software with functionality that meets all the needs of your busy dental practice. It must include easy appointment booking, sending automated appointment reminders, integrated billing systems, and multiple calendar views.   

Here are the three best appointment scheduling software that can improve the dental patient experience: 

1. Yapi

YAPI Dental Appointment Scheduling Software Home Page

Yapi is a cloud-hosted dental software that helps ease your dental practice’s workload by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes. 

You can use Yapi for scheduling dental appointments, sending dental patients appointment reminders, and generating reports of internal performance indicators.

The software helps generate and process new patient intake forms, dental forms, and medical history documents online. It also helps patients to read and sign digital consent forms electronically.

Yapi Dental Appointment Scheduling Software: Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using Yapi
Yapi seamlessly integrates with the existing dental practice management systems.
The Cons of Using Yapi
Users must have Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft as their practice management software in order to utilize Yapi in any capacity.
The Pros of Using Yapi
The software has ready-to-use templates for patient recall, appointment reminders, and daily communications.
The Cons of Using Yapi
Online Scheduling is not yet offerred as a standalone solution
The Pros of Using Yapi
Accepted insurances are configurable and insurance collection from patients can be required
The Cons of Using Yapi
The Pros of Using Yapi
Yapi has an in-built key performance indicator that helps to track the overall workflow as you grow your dental practice.
The Cons of Using Yapi
The Pros of Using Yapi
Yapi offers a truly paperless patient scheduling experience.
The Cons of Using Yapi

Yapi Pricing

Yapi provides two pricing plans-the Core and Growth plans

  • Yapi offers online scheduling in their comprehensive Growth plan at $399/month.  
  • A one-time set-up fee of $299 and a customization fee must be paid. 
  • Discounts are available for annual payments.

Yapi Reviews

The average customer review of Yapi on GetApp is 4.7 out of 5

Customers liked consolidating multiple features (like online dental forms and texting) with patient online scheduling.

They were happy with the support provided.

Some noted an uptick in online appointments, which allowed staff to provide more patient care. It has been great to reduce paperwork and make every document digital. 

The few demerits were that some features offered are underutilized. 

YAPI GetApp Review

2. Zocdoc

ZocDoc Scheduling Software Home Page

Zocdoc is an online appointment scheduling system that caters to the healthcare industry, including dentistry. 

Patients mainly use it to discover doctors nearby and schedule appointments. It also provides helpful reviews of practitioners by other patients.

Zocdoc helps to process the new dental patient paperwork digitally to make the check-in process for new patients easy. It is also a convenient online appointment-scheduling software for dentists.

ZocDoc Dental Appointment Scheduling Software: Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using Zocdoc
Zocdoc is easy to use.
The Cons of Using Zocdoc
The platform is not fully integrated with dental practice management software.
The Pros of Using Zocdoc
Zocdoc displays verified patient reviews that help to boost the practice locally.
The Cons of Using Zocdoc
Appointment booking has to be manually confirmed by the admin, which is time-consuming.
The Pros of Using Zocdoc
The live scheduling feature minimizes empty slots due to no-shows and appointment cancellations.
The Cons of Using Zocdoc
Increases competition as other practitioners are on the same platform, and patients may prefer doctors with more positive reviews.

ZocDoc Pricing

  • ZocDoc comes with a one-year contract at an annual licensing fee of $299. 
  • New patient bookings cost from $35 to $110 per appointment.

ZocDoc Reviews 

Zocdoc has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot

The merits of the Zocdoc are that it integrates with insurance company systems to reduce the workload of compiling paperwork. 

The demerits are the high cost of patient acquisitions and an increased probability of no-shows.

ZocDoc TrustPilot Review

3. Picktime

Picktime Scheduling Software Home Page

Picktime is a free appointment scheduling and booking software that dentists can use. It can be used to create and share booking links easily, send appointment reminders, and manage appointment rescheduling.

Picktime also incorporates payments, invoicing, sales, reporting, and customer management. It offers dental patient forms and invoice generators.

Picktime Dental Appointment Scheduling Software: Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using Picktime
The setup speed and process for new users are smooth.
The Cons of Using Picktime
The solution is not fully integrated with dental practice management software and requires manual intervention.
The Pros of Using Picktime
Picktime comes with premade widgets for Facebook, Google Maps, and other website builders, which help the client to book from anywhere.
The Cons of Using Picktime
Lacks customization options for booking pages.
The Pros of Using Picktime
The overview dashboard shares important details at a glance.
The Cons of Using Picktime
Few features are available for video conferencing in the free tier plan.

Picktime Pricing

Picktime provides three plans: free, starter, and pro. 

  • The free plan has unlimited booking and allows up to 3 team members. 
  • The paid starter plan is for $9.99/month and includes additional team members and locations, payment processing options, and integrations. 
  • The paid pro plan starts at $19.99/month and allows up to 20 team members and unlimited locations. 

Picktime Reviews

The average customer review of Picktime on GetApp is 4.9 out of 5

The merits of Picktime software are its free plan and valuable features that help small dental practices to grow. Many customers have admired the ease and simplicity of use. 

Demerits are the lack of calendar integrations and payment options.

Picktime GetApp Review

Summary Table – Best Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

$299 set up fee + monthly or annual fee
$299 annual fee + per appointment charge
Free up to 3 users
Best for
Dental Practitioners
Healthcare Practitioners
Healthcare Practitioners
Appointment Management Scheduling; Appointment Reminders; Patient Recalls; Integrations with Practice Management Systems; Electronic Payments
Appointment Booking ; Reviews
Appointment Management; Patient Records Management; Electronic Payments
Ease of use
Customer Service

Final Thoughts – Which Dental Appointment Scheduling Software to Use?

A dental appointment booking system provides many advantages – from improved administrative workflow to increased patient engagement and convenience. More accurate data entry and fewer manual errors can and will enhance your dental office productivity. 

Additionally, automated systems provide real-time data and insights that allow dentists to plan patient needs more effectively.  

Ultimately, using software for appointment booking will help reduce costs, save time, and increase patient satisfaction – all while improving efficiency.

Choosing the right software is essential, so you must research your options and find software that suits your dental practice’s needs.  

Yapi is the right solution for dentists looking to increase patient engagement, efficiency, and profitability.   

  • Comprehensive administrative tools that help streamline workflow within your dental practice.
  • HIPAA compliance to protect patient data.
  • Robust scheduling options for optimal time and resource utilization.
  • Online booking and automated appointment reminders for minimal no-shows and cancellations.
  • Customizable reporting dashboards for keeping track of your practice’s progress.
  • Integration with third-party software for a seamless flow of information across your practice management platforms.  

With its automated appointment scheduling system, real-time data insights, secure cloud storage of patient information, and enhanced security protocols, Yapi offers dentists an all-in-one solution. 

Try Yapi’s dental appointment scheduling features to make appointment booking easier for your dental office.