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4 Best Dental Appointment Reminders Software

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Dental Appointment Reminders

4 Best Dental Appointment Reminders Software

Dental appointment reminders are essential to prevent missed appointments and overbookings. A study by Peer J Computer Science shows more than 40% of dental patients miss their appointments. Though there may be various reasons for missing an appointment, each broken appointment costs your dental practice heavily. Reports state that one missed or broken appointment daily leads to a yearly loss in productivity worth $20,000 to $70,000 for a dental practice.

Constantly reminding dental patients about their upcoming dental appointments is resource-intensive and time-consuming. Traditionally, it requires the receptionist or office manager to call, email, or send texts to patients manually. The increased workload on the staff can lead to errors.

Dental appointment reminder software addresses these challenges by automating the process of reminding patients about their upcoming dental appointments. It helps save time, reduce workload on dental office staff, and improve patient satisfaction.

Additionally, using software to send dental appointment reminders helps reduce no-shows, missed appointments, and late arrivals by sending regular reminders to all patients due for a checkup or treatment. Streamlining the dental appointment reminder process leads to increased revenue for the dental practice.

This article will discuss how dental appointment reminder software can improve the efficiency of your dental practice and ensure better oral health for your patients. We will also help you pick the right software for your practice.

Finally, we will compare four top software available for sending dental appointment reminders.  

What is a Dental Appointment Reminders Software?

Dental appointment reminder software is an automation tool that simplifies the process of reminding patients about their upcoming dental appointments. It sends reminders via email, text messages, or automated phone calls. 

The reminder software streamlines the dental treatment process through features such as patient self-scheduling, appointment confirmations, and integrated calendars to manage appointments efficiently. It also offers multi-language support and the ability to customize reminder methods and timings to suit specific patient needs. 

Studies suggest sending dental appointment reminders according to the preferred method of your dental patients can reduce the no-show rate by up to 1.9%. The personalized service helps enhance customer satisfaction, driving more revenue for your dental practice.

7 Benefits of Appointment Reminders Software for Dental Offices

A dental appointment reminder software integrates with your dental practice management software, allowing for seamless and streamlined appointment scheduling and tracking. It will enable dental staff to manage appointments, reduce wait times, and increase treatment efficiency.

The key benefits of using software for sending dental appointment reminders are:

  • Minimize No-shows and Missed Appointments: Using software saves time for the dental practice by eliminating manual reminder processes like calling each patient or sending paper-based mail. It also saves time and resources that would be spent on missed appointments.
  • Decrease Canceled or Broken Appointments: Keeping patients informed through timely and repetitive reminders reduces the likelihood of last-minute cancellations or rescheduling. It improves the efficiency of your dental practice by eliminating the risk of double booking or gaps in the schedule.
  • Increased Revenue: Software features such as automated confirmations and cancellations help fill last-minute cancellations or no-shows. It reduces revenue loss by filling slots on your calendar and allowing your practice to serve more patients daily. 
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction: A timely reminder keeps patients updated about their upcoming dental appointments. It helps them to show up amidst their busy schedules. Patients also appreciate the convenience of self-rescheduling and easy cancellations through the software.
  • Personalized Services: The software also offers customizable templates for personalized patient messages. The software also offers analytical data on patient attendance rates and appointment history. It allows dental practices to make data-driven decisions for picking the best time for sending dental appointment reminders to their patients.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Manual reminder methods such as phone calls and sending paper-based reminders are time-consuming. These are also at a higher chance of being ignored or missed. An appointment reminder software eliminates printing and postage costs. It also automates sending reminders according to a patient’s preferred schedule, increasing their probability of reading it.

How to Pick the Best Dental Appointment Reminders Software for Your Practice?

The right dental appointment software can be an invaluable asset for your practice. It can boost the reputation and ROI of your practice.

Switching from manual methods to efficient software streamlines communication with your patients. It helps reduce no-shows and cancellations, strengthens patient relationships, and improves the productivity of your dental staff. 

Here is a list of the critical criteria to consider when evaluating different software for sending dental appointment reminders: 

Ease of Use

The software should be easy to use for your staff to minimize unnecessary stress of transformation. 

A user-friendly interface ensures that your team can quickly get started with minimal training and easily navigate the features. It also allows your staff to manage appointments without extensive technical knowledge efficiently.

Dental staff must be able to set up reminder dates and timings according to their treatment and updated health records. They must also be able to categorize patients based on various criteria, such as appointment type, treatment, and frequency of visits.


Ease of integration with third-party electronic health record (EHR) systems or dental practice management software is crucial. The reminder software should seamlessly integrate with your existing systems without causing disruptions or additional expenses. 

The software should be compatible with various devices and platforms to ensure flexibility as your practice grows. It must also sync seamlessly with your appointment scheduling and patient management system. It will help prevent duplicate data entry and ensure accurate tracking of each patient’s treatment.

Product Flexibility

Dental practices and patients have unique needs, so the appointment reminder software should be flexible enough to accommodate them. It should allow setting up automated patient reminders to reduce the workload of your dental staff. 

The software should also provide options for different communication channels, such as email, text messages, and indicators to call so that you can remind patients through their preferred methods.

Customization according to your practice’s specific requirements and the patient’s treatment stage is also critical. 

Pick a software that allows setting up reminders in different languages or adding custom patient messages based on their treatment. The flexibility will ensure that your practice caters to a diverse patient base and addresses their unique needs efficiently.


Consider the cost of the software and any additional fees or charges for extra features or support. The price of the appointment reminder software may vary depending on the features included and the number of users. Pick one with features that your team will use.

It is essential to consider both the upfront cost and ongoing expenses, such as maintenance fees or subscription costs. 

Choose a software that fits your budget and offers value for money. You must evaluate its value based on the time saved, increased efficiency, and improvement in patient experience.

4 Best Dental Appointment Reminders Software

Dental appointment reminders are essential to keep dental patients up-to-date about their treatment and notify them about their next appointment. Dental practitioners can automate patient communication using software that sends reminders via text, email, or voice calls.

You must pick software with functionality customized to the needs of your busy dental practice. It must include easy patient data updates, customizing appointment reminder frequency, personalized reminder messages, and automatic syncing with patient calendars.   

Here are the top 4 dental appointment reminder software tools that help dentists streamline their reminder process to improve patient communication and reduce no-shows.

1. Yapi

Yapi Dental Appointment Reminders Software Home Page

Yapi is a comprehensive dental practice management software with features such as automated patient communication tools and online appointment booking. You can use Yapi’s automated appointment reminder system to send text messages or emails to patients for upcoming appointments.

Yapi supports mass texting all your patients due for treatment. It also facilitates two-way texting from any desktop or web browser to allow patients to respond to your reminder messages. 

Patients can effortlessly confirm an appointment by replying to your text message with a recognized confirmation response that instantly adjusts their appointment status for you automatically, or, they can reply to the text with any questions.

The software processes online patient records, dental forms, and allows patients to provide photos of insurance IDs or other documents. It also helps allow new patients to book a visit, and existing patients can book their next recall appointment with self-scheduling links sent automatically.

Yapi Dental Appointment Reminder Software: Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using Yapi
The Cons of Using Yapi
Integrates with your existing dental practice management systems seamlessly.The software has ready-to-use templates for patient recall, appointment reminders, and daily communications.
Integration is currently exclusively available for Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.
Provides ready-to-use templates for appointment reminders and patient communication.
Mass texting features are limited to patients on specified appointment date(s)
High user satisfaction scores with customer support
Yapi offers a truly paperless patient reminder experience.

Yapi Pricing

Yapi provides two pricing plans, including training and support – the Core and Growth plans

  • The paperless automation Core plan for appointment reminders and recall is available for annual billing at $299/month.
  • Yapi offers real-time online scheduling and reminder services in their comprehensive annual Growth plan at $399/month.

Yapi Reviews

The average customer review of Yapi on GetApp is 4.7 out of 5

Customers liked the ease of use of the appointment reminder system. They were happy with the multitude of features offered by the software and appreciated the customer support provided. It has helped minimize paperwork and improve staff productivity for most users.

The few demerits were that some features, like email blasts or bulk SMS, were not as customizable but are being developed further to become more user-friendly.


2. Solutionreach

Solutionreach Website Home Page

Solutionreach is a healthcare patient communication platform offering appointment reminder features for dentistry. The platform can send dental appointment reminders via text, email, or phone.

The software allows patients to confirm or reschedule their appointments with a few clicks. Additionally, Solutionreach offers customizable reminder message templates and automated responses to patient queries.

Solutionreach processes digital patient intake forms, dental forms, and patient information forms. It uses the information to send relevant patient reminders according to their preferred mode.

Solutionreach Dental Appointment Reminder Software: Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using Solutionreach
The Cons of Using Solutionreach
The two-way texting feature allows patients to communicate directly with the dental office.
Expensive for smaller practices.
It provides insights into patient behavior, allowing you to send personalized reminders.
Technical glitches are prominent and recurring.
Offers comprehensive email campaign tools
Customer care is slow to respond.

Solutionreach Pricing

Solutionreach provides three pricing plans – Pro, Enterprise, and Premium Add-Ons. The pricing starts at $329/month.

Solutionreach Reviews

The average customer review of Solutionreach on Capterra is 3.9 out of 5

Customers appreciate the wide range of features, ease of use, and affordability of the appointment scheduling and reminder system. However, they are not happy with the customer support as they face a lot of glitches with the software.

Solutionreach REVIEW AND RATING ON Capterra

3. Demandforce

Demandforce Website Home Page

Demandforce is a healthcare practice marketing solution. It supports patient communication and an online reputation management system. Dental practices can use the appointment scheduling and reminder features of the platform. 

Demandforce allows dental practices to send fully customizable appointment reminders via text, email, or voice calls. It helps build flexible reminder schedules and create personalized reminder messages using its customizable email and text templates.

Demandforce Dental Appointment Reminder Software: Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using Demandforce
The Cons of Using Demandforce
Integrates with a variety of dental practice management software systems.
The software interface is not easy to use.
Helps patients stay on track with their preventive oral care using re-care reminders.
Patient reviews are promoted to a Demandforce-owned review site.
Unresponsive customer support.

Demandforce Pricing

Demandforce has not disclosed its pricing. To obtain pricing, dental offices must contact them for a free demo.

Demandforce Reviews

The average customer review of Demandforce on GetApp is 3.7 out of 5

Customers appreciate the value for money generated by the appointment reminder system as it brings back lost patients. However, the reminder frequency is too high, and text messages become confusing for the patients. Users are also not happy with the customer support.


4. Legwork

Legwork Website Home Page

Legwork by Planet DDS is a comprehensive dental appointment booking and reminder solution with many patient engagement features. It offers automated reminders through SMS, email, auto-call, and postcards. Its intuitive fallback messaging system allows patients to confirm or cancel appointments directly from the messages.

Legwork offers customizations and features that can significantly impact the efficiency and reputation of your dental practice. 

The software allows you to send group communications for family appointments, eliminating the need for multiple reminders. It uses text-to-speech technology for personalized auto-calls and voicemails.


Legwork Dental Appointment Reminder Software: Pros & Cons

The Pros of Using Legwork
The Cons of Using Legwork
Offers two-way texting and re-care reminders.
Requires migrating website to optimize product functionality
Helps connect with hard-to-reach patients with auto-call function.
Integrates best with Planet DDS solutions.
Offers teledentistry and patient portal features
Slow customer support.

Legwork Pricing

Legwork has not disclosed its pricing on its website, but other third-party reports indicate a starting price of $349/mo. You can request a demo on their website.

Legwork Reviews

The average customer review of Legwork on GetApp is 4.8 out of 5

Customers appreciate the text messaging and other patient engagement features of the appointment reminder system. However, users are not happy with the time-consuming syncing and integration processes.


Summary Table – Best Dental Appointment Reminders Software

Speed of data integration (frequency that software pulls data from PMS)
Near real-time
Near real-time
Read/write with PMS (confirmation statuses sync back)
Two-way texting
Customizable message templates
Configurable message frequency
Premedication alerts
Mass communication options (for urgent appointment day messages to all patients, for example)
Spanish language settings
Family/ household reminders
Business day settings
Online/ remote access to features

Which Dental Appointment Reminders Software to Use?

A dental appointment reminder software can significantly benefit your practice, from saving time and costs to improving patient satisfaction.

Additionally, text message reminders have proven to be the most effective way of engaging patients. They allow receiving real-time responses from patients and minimize broken appointments.

Using software for appointment reminders enhances the patient experience by providing convenient and timely communication. It allows you to send personalized messages to your patients without adding to your team’s workload.

Dental appointment reminder software offers a variety of features, such as automated reminders, patient tracking, customizable messages, and integration with EHR systems. It is essential to choose the software that best fits your practice’s needs and budget.

Yapi is a comprehensive patient engagement solution with customizable reminders, a two-way texting feature, and efficient customer support at an affordable price. It is the right choice for your dental practice if you prioritize cost-effective software with a user-friendly interface.

Key features of Yapi that set it apart include: 

  • User-friendly interface for easy adoption of the automated reminder system
  • Comprehensive administrative tools to streamline appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Real-time patient responses through a two-way texting feature for improved communication
  • Customizable messages to personalize reminders and cater to specific patient needs
  • Seamless integration with EHR systems for efficient patient tracking and record keeping.
  • HIPAA compliance to protect patient communications

Yapi offers an all-in-one appointment reminder solution. Its advanced features reduce the administrative burdens on your dental staff and improve patient experience through operational excellence.

Try Yapi’s dental appointment reminder features to transform your dental office into a patient-focused dental practice.